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International Trips - All Types
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Patagonia (Argentina)
Adventure Sherpas Logo

Departs: Sep, Oct,

Cost: $5295

Length: 13days/12nights

Kayaking - PatagoniaArgentina's Golfo San Jose is the remote, protected bay where the Southern Right whales come every September -- their springtime -- to bear their young. It's a protected area without motor boats, and the paddling is easy because it's all shore paddling. On the pebble beach, 18-foot-long elephant seals roar as they battle over harems, and furry black seal pups sunbathe. This is the wildlife refuge of Peninsula Valdes, in Chubut, Argentina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The huge mammals are easy to see. We can get within 20 feet of the elephant seals, and the sea lions are curious and play near our kayaks, popping up to take a close look at us. We camp along the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the whales blowing.
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Turkey - Paddle the Turquoise Coast (Turkey)
Southern Sea Ventures Logo

Skill Level: Moderate

Departs: May, Jun, Sep, Oct,

Cost: From AUD $1595

Length: 6-13 days

Kayaking / Canoeing - Turkey - Paddle the Turquoise CoastSouthern Sea Ventures offer a number of amazing adventures along Turkey's stunning Mediterranean coast. The "Active Turkey Kayak trip" combines 7 days paddling the Turquoise Coast between Koycegiz Lake and Gocek Bay with 4 days of walking along the Lycian Way. The walk combines rugged mountain scenery with stunning coastal views, traditional villages and little visited ruins. Our "Wild Loryma" trip ventures into the rugged Southwest. Our "Bozburun Peninsula Hotel and Kayak" trip adds a bit of luxury staying in small private hotels and dining in local restaurants. Join us we explore remote beaches, Lycian ruins and swim in beautifully clear water. Private departures and custom made itineraries are available, contact Southern Sea Ventures for details.
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Virgin Islands Inn-to-Inn (Virgin Islands)
Arawak Expeditions Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1995 - $2495/person

Length: 7 days

Kayaking - Virgin Islands Inn-to-Inn - VIFor those who want a variety of exciting activities during the day, but don't want to "rough it," we offer our Virgin Islands Inn-to-Inn Tour. This is a multi-sport tour: featuring sea kayaking, hiking and snorkeling during the day, while staying in charming hotels and inns at night. We begin the trip on St. John, where we spend the first two nights at Coconut Coast Villas. From there, we paddle to Tortola, where we spend two nights in Cane Garden Bay. Then it's on to Jost Van Dyke, where we stay for two nights in a villa above White Bay before paddling back to St. John on our final day.
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Ultimate Adventure (Belize)
Island Expeditions Co Logo

Skill Level: Intermediate

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec,

Cost: $2469

Length: 9 day/10 nights

Kayaking / Canoeing - Ultimate AdventureAn extraordinary journey through Belize packed with adventure and excitement; you'll sea kayak, snorkel, dive, windsurf, hike through the rainforest, explore Mayan ruins and ceremonial caves and descend an incomparable tropical river through canyons of lush rainforest. We begin with two days of sea kayaking in a remote island group along the southern barrier reef, then on to our marine basecamp at Glover's Atoll for two more days of snorkeling, kayaking, and diving. Returning to the mainland, we descend into the Actun Tunichil Caves to explore astounding burial chambers filled with pottery and carved altars that have lain as is, for thousands of years. Then we embark on an exhilarating four day paddle trip into the rainforest valleys of the Moho River in the "Wild South" of Belize.
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Brazilian Beach Hopper (Brazil)
Paraty Explorer Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $825US

Length: 4 days

Kayaking - Brazilian Beach HopperWith deserted sandy beaches, tropical islands, Rainforest covered hills and traditional Caiçara fishing villages, Brazil's Costa Verde - just south of Rio de Janeiro – is fast becoming the hottest new international paddling destination! Setting out from the picturesque colonial town of Paraty we spend 3 days kayaking warm tropical waters, paddling across naturally protected bays and through mangrove with stops at islands and beaches before finishing up at Brazil's only tropical fjord. Highlights of this lodge-based trip include the best beaches on Brazil's Green Coast; the Mamangua tropical fjord with outstanding views from the 500m Sugarloaf Peak; a river paddle through mangrove teeming with wildlife; and island hopping in the Bay of Paraty, with a good chance of spotting the endangered Golden Lion Tamarin monkey.
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Chiloe Archipelago (Chile)
Altue Sea Kayaking Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec,

Cost: US$980

Length: 5 days/4 nights

Kayaking - Chiloe ArchipelagoImmerse yourself in the fascinating, cultural experience of Chiloe Island as we glide silently through the mysterious byways of this archipelago, where Spain once maintained it's last stronghold of colonial power in South America. Our sturdy kayaks emulate the spirit of the fragile dalcas; in which the natives traveled many centuries ago. On every lovely island we visit, you'll see moss-covered old wooden churches gracing the seaside, as well as palafitos (stilt houses) that are in the air when the tide is out, but nearly awash when it's in. Savor a rich curanto and other typical cuisine to delight your palate. Wander through the local market of Castro. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy a fantastic adventure at the other end of the Earth.
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Ios/Sikinos Circumnavigation (Greece)
Northwest Passage Logo

Departs: Jun, Sep,

Cost: $2695

Length: 8 days/7 nights

Kayaking - Ios/Sikinos CircumnavigationCome explore Ios and Sikinos; the forgotten islands of the Cylcades. Join us as we circumnavigate these wonders, experiencing their unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters, ancient ruins, and great nightlife. These sparsely populated islands host unique historical treasures as well as beautiful paddling and immersive cultural experiences. Rarely visited by tourists, these havens have been left mostly unchanged by the modern world, meaning their natural and historical beauties have also been left untarnished. Spend your days relaxing on the beach in the sunshine, partying with locals in the moonlight, jumping off of the cliffs into clear blue water, and, of course, paddling these wonderfully serene and beautiful coastlines.
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Virgin Islands Kayak and Camp (Virgin Islands)
Arawak Expeditions Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1195/person

Length: 5 days

Kayaking - Virgin Islands Kayak and Camp - VIJoin us for five days and four nights of kayaking, snorkeling and stargazing in the idyllic waters of the US and British Virgin Islands. We begin our journey in Cruz Bay, St. John, then board a chartered boat to tiny Peter Island, where we begin kayaking. After Peter, we'll visit Norman Island, where Robert Luis Stevenson is said to have based his novel "Treasure Island" and where treasure may still be hidden. From there, we'll paddle across the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Tortola, then head on to Jost Van Dyke, where we'll camp for the next two nights. On our final day, we'll cross back over into U.S. waters and visit Henley Cay before finishing our trip back in Cruz Bay, St. John.
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Kayak, Yoga, Whales (Mexico)
Sea Kayak Adventures Inc. Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $895-$1255

Length: 3-6 days

Kayaking - Kayak, Yoga, WhalesJet away to sunny Baja - kayaking, island hopping, snorkeling, optional yoga on the beach, margaritas at sunset! Imagine paddling and camping on the uninhabited island jewels of the Sea of Cortez's newest national marine park - Loreto Bay (Bahia de Loreto National Marine Park/UNESCO World Heritage Site). We have one of the few permits to operate sea kayak tours there. The towering volcanic escarpments of the Sierra Giganta Mountains rising out of the sea create your backdrop. Red-hued desert colors, azure blue water and magical landforms beckon with great aesthetic and photographic appeal. World class opportunities for viewing dolphins, sea lions, fin and blue whales in their natural habitat. Baja gray whale tours also offered Feb-March, and combos of both areas. All abilities welcome.
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April in Abaco (Bahamas)
Island Navigators Land & Sea Adventures Logo

Departs: Apr,

Cost: $2595

Length: 7 days/6 nights

Kayaking - April in AbacoThis trip is a very special adventure and is one which will truly allow you to experience what the locals remind us is "the Real Bahamas" -- away from the crowds and the tourists.
April in Abaco includes:
• 6 Nights' Cottage Based Lodging (1 Optional Night of Kayak Beach Camping)
• 3-4 Days of Paddling in Pristine Bahamian Waters
• Land-based, Backcountry Excursion
• Snorkeling (weather and sea conditions permitting, of course)
• Touring Historic Settlements on Outer Cays
• Kayak and Safety Gear Rental and Transport
• Ferry Fees during the adventure
• Airport Transfers and Ground Transportation
• All meals, camping, posted excursions, and lodging are included.

It is a trip that you will remember fondly for a long time to come!

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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef (Belize)
Slickrock Adventures Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1350 - $2195 pp

Length: 5,6 or 9 nights

Kayaking - Adventure Island at Glover's ReefExperience ten sports in one week at our solar and wind-powered private Caribbean island, Long Caye at Glover's Reef in Belize. Expert guides instruct sea kayaking, kayak surfing, board surfing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayak fishing, scuba diving. Sport fishing and kite boarding are also fantastic at our location for experienced practitioners. Swim to world-class snorkeling and diving sites just a few yards off-shore. Our exclusive location is perfect for those who desire a few creature comforts but don't want to visit a crowded resort. Facilities include two-person cabanas right on the water and a fully-staffed kitchen with cold beer and soda included in the price. Find out why so many guests return year after year! There's a hammock on Long Caye with your name on it.
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Patagonia Argentina Right Whales (Argentina)
Sea Kayak Adventures Inc. Logo

Departs: Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $3150-4375

Length: 8 or 12 days

Kayaking - Patagonia Argentina Right WhalesWorld famous Peninsula Valdes is a protected nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site teeming with endemic wildlife. The lagoons here are THE calving ground for the Southern Right Whale Sept-Nov and we have exclusive base camp to kayak with the whales. Armadillos, ostrich-like rheas, maras (Patagonian hares) and llama-like guanacos roam the sweeping landscape.
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Multi-sport 8 day trip (Greece)
Enjoy Crete Logo

Departs: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1370

Length: 8 days

Kayaking - Multi-sport 8 day tripTake on the challenge and prepare yourself for an action packed week involving the very best that Crete has to offer. Sea kayak, rock climbing and hiking all in a week! Crete is the place where myths look like history and history looks like a myth. From the distant past to the present day, every place on the island has a short or long story to tell. With 58 summits above 6560 ft, more than 250 gorges, 1024 km of coastline and one of the best cuisine in the world, Crete is the number 1 European destination for outdoor activities.
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Bahamas Kayaking (Camping) (Bahamas)
Adventure Kayaking Tours Logo

Departs: Feb, Apr, May, Nov, Dec,

Cost: $1850.00

Length: 8 days

Kayaking - Bahamas Kayaking (Camping)Explore the numerous cays north of Great Exuma. We will cover approximately 50 miles of some of the most beautiful waters in the world! Pitch your tent on an isolated pure white sand beach and enjoy the stars with no lights of civilization to interfere. We will travel from island to island by kayak, stopping to swim and snorkel where you can easily see stingrays, seastars, anemones, sea turtles and that elusive bonefish. Activities include snorkeling a variety of reefs and other marine habitats, kayaking to islands with blow holes, exploring rock gardens by kayak, fishing, swimming in the amazingly clear water and discovering one beautiful beach after another. Includes all kayaking equipment, experienced guides, all meals (gourmet), and two nights lodging.
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Greenland Sea Kayaking Adventures (Greenland)
Black Feather Wilderness Adventures Logo

Skill Level: Intermediate

Departs: Jul, Aug,

Cost: $2,650 - $5,000 US

Length: 14 days

Kayaking - Greenland Sea Kayaking AdventuresGreenland is the ultimate kayak destination. Paddle through steep fjords surrounded by towering mountains - weaving through a maze of ever changing, always moving icebergs. We pitch our tents by ancient tent rings of the Dorset people, wonder at the still standing walls of Viking settlements and stand in the sod and stone foundation of a Thule dwelling. We travel to three of the most beautiful fjord systems in Greenland: southern Greenland, a mix of modern Greenlandic life, beautiful wilderness and the remains of the Viking settlements. In east Greenland we paddle rugged fjords with countless icebergs and visit a few isolated, Greenlandic outports. Further north in Scorsebysund we discover a fjord system - utterly remote with towering mountains, gigantic bergs and the great glacier that covers most of the country. Whales, seals and narwal share the sea ice, while muskox graze the shore.
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West Coast Sweden Sea Kayak (Sweden)
Southern Sea Ventures Logo

Skill Level: Moderate

Departs: Aug, Sep,

Cost: $2895 AUD

Length: 10 days

Kayaking - West Coast Sweden Sea KayakSweden's west coast is a first class destination for sea kayakers. We'll paddle and explore the thousands of granite islands and skerries, canals, fjords, reserves and picturesque fishing villages that make up the Bohuslän. We begin at Gothenburg and transfer to our guest house by the sea at Kärlingesund Gard near Lysekil. For the next eight days we island hop through a maze of narrow channels and craggy granite outcrops, mixing camping on wild beaches with cozy lodge stays. Sea birds cruise overhead and seals welcome us in the outer archipelago. We follow fishing boats into charming seaside villages and sample tantalizing local seafood as we taste and paddle our way through this smorgasbord of Swedish adventure - finishing at a delightful B&B in Grebbestad.
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