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29 April 2015
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
BIC Kayaks
BIC Kayaks


by: Vincent Weafer
Photo of the Week
Enlarge Photo

 • Naval hovercraft, kayak crash under investigation
 • Rescue squad member killed searching for kayaker
 • Picking the Right Paddle

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Shirt Special Ends Soon!
Shirt Special The popular Shirt Special is drawing to a close, so take advantage now before it's too late! Select your 3 favorite t-shirts, fleece or wicking shirts from the store and you'll get the lowest priced one for free. Don't forget to join Paddling Perks, get 5 Months Free and save an additional 10% on shirts plus get a $10 gift certificate to use today. See all of the original t-shirts included in this super special that will be ending soon in the store.

Seasickness While Kayaking
Seasick Kayaker Preventing the onset of seasickness, or coping with it once it rears its ugly head either at you or others in your party, can be a matter of life and death. Jeffrey Lee looks at what causes seasickness, treatments for it, and how to respond and assist those afflicted by it when out on the water. Read his latest article before you get "green around the gills".

The One Match Fire
One Match Fire When was the last time you used a match to light a campfire? Kevin Callan writes that the real skill needed to get a campfire going is not how you light it, but what type of fuel you gather and how you place the fuel in the fire pit. So whether you use a lighter, flint or match, read Kevin's latest article (and watch the included video!) to see a way to get a fire roaring faster.

New Product Announcement
Crush Water ShoeCrush Water Shoe by NRS
Whether you're on the water, on the trail or at the pub, the NRS Crush Water Shoe delivers the goods. The quick-drying 1000 denier nylon upper wears tough, has sidewall drainage and the "crushable" heel lets you wear it as a slip-on. You'll be steady on your feet with the grippy, siped sole that has lugs with the rugged outline of the Great State of Idaho. And for an added bonus, the glueless shoe box is held together by a 4' NRS 1" HD Tie-Down Strap! Kayak/Canoe Sweepstakes!
Enter the latest sweepstakes for a chance to win a NC 17 Quest LT kayak from NC Kayaks, a PAL 16 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe, or a Navato 120 kayak from Evoke Paddlesports. These boat prizes also come packaged with other valuable gear items: PFDs from Stohlquist, portable coolers from IceMule, storage rack or boat cart from Suspenz, and camping meals from Cache Lake Camping Foods. Congratulations to Lucas Conkle from Stoneville, NC who won a $20 gift certificate to the store just for entering the contest this past week!

In The Same Boat: Aluminum Canoes
Tamia took her first paddle strokes in her grandfather's "tin tank." But until recently, she figured the aluminum canoe would go the way of the passenger pigeon and the dodo. Then a picture in PaddleNews caught her eye, and she started having second thoughts. What's in the future for the workhorse of the rivers? Is it "Requiem or Renaissance?" That's the question under consideration this week at In the Same Boat. Don't miss it.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Brokopondo Kayak tour
by Suriname Kayak Adventures
Outfitter Photo
Enjoy nature in its purest form, and take up the challenge of dense rainforests, beautiful rivers and the fascinating Brokopondo reservoir.

Kayak Photo Product Review Spotlight
Quetico 17 by Souris River Canoes
I purchased a Quetico 17 about 5 years ago. Worth every penny! I live in Alaska and I have found the canoe to be ideal... If you are on the fence as to getting one of these canoes, don't hesitate; they are no doubt the best and the safest canoe money can buy! Rating 10 of 10 by onefish@a-time
Read more reviews or get more info on the Quetico 17 canoe.

Canoe Jump! Canoe Jumping
Where you might use this skill, who knows?? But something fun to do when you find yourself bored, in a canoe, and out on the water...
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