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28 January 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  


by: Dave Conley
Photo of the Week
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 • Huge canoe sculpture's debut captivates
 • Low lake levels could cause a return to kayaks
 • Kayakers shocked by Mediterranean's urban sprawl

 • Featured Product:
Green 3 Kayaks Hat
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by Rollerloader
Improve Your Skills with Gordon Brown
Paddlers who may be experiencing the frozen clutches of Winter can seize the down time as an opportunity to sit on the couch and learn from a Sea Kayaking legend! Therefore, we've compiled a few short video clips from Gordon Brown's tutorial DVD set for your study and learning pleasure.
Gordon Brown
Right now, you can also save $10 plus get Free Shipping on all DVD combo packs, including Gordon Brown.

Greenland Side Sculling
Side Sculling The Greenland Side Sculling technique is used to prevent a capsize if one has started to tip over into the water on your back. Sculling can be a great place to start learning rolling. The technique is also a great way to prevent the need to roll. This video demonstrates the manuever and breaks it down into a few useful steps.

Carry a Canoe Solo
Canoe Lift This short video demonstrates proper form and technique for lifting & carrying a canoe by yourself. One vital thing to keep in mind is the safety of your back - so utilizing your legs and the "shelf" area of your upper thighs is an important step focused on in this useful clip.

New Product Announcement
Bali 13.5 Tandem kayak by Sun Dolphin
Bali 13.5 Tandem kayak
Grab your paddles and get out on the water with the NEW Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5 Tandem kayak. This one, two or three person kayak offers adjustable padded seats with high backrests. The middle seat location makes it easy to attach the padded seat system for one person operation. The Bali 13.5 provides plenty of room for paddlers and gear. Amenities include storage hatches, compartments, adjustable foot braces, carrying handles and paddle holders will make your ride more enjoyable. Sweepstakes
Enter to win a kayak or canoe in the latest sweepstakes. A GPX kayak or a V10 surfski from Epic Kayaks, a SpitFire canoe from Placid Boatworks, and a Borneo SOT kayak from BIC Sport. These boats also come packaged with boat racks from Talic, gear bags from SealLine, mosquito screens from Skeeter Beater, boat accessories from Danuu Paddle Sport, and PFDs from MTI Adventurewear. Congratulations to Kevin Fox from Evans, GA who won a 2015 Perks membership just for entering the contest this past week!

In The Same Boat: Tricks for Starting Campfires
Even though wood fires play an ever-diminishing role in the lives of most backcountry travelers, there are times when a campfire can literally be a life-saver. So fire-lighting remains a vital skill, and it's a subject Tamia has revisited several times over the years, most recently in a column last month. But now some knowledgeable readers have offered their own "Hints and Tips." Curious? Then be sure to check out this week's In the Same Boat.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Lighthouse Reef (Belize)
by Island Expeditions
Outfitter Photo
Sea kayak, snorkel and scuba dive; learn about reef ecology; enjoy incredible seafood feasts and take in one of the most beautiful island and coral reef settings you can possibly imagine. Our basecamp is the beautiful Lighthouse Atoll in Belize, outfitted by Island Expeditions.

Canoe Photo Product Review Spotlight
Adventure 16 canoe by Mad River
We purchased a used Adventure 16 last year. I read the reviews about the canoe being "tippy". After a year of using it and buying a second Adventure 16, I must say that I find it to be very stable. We have never tipped it nor come close. I have been so impressed with the seat comfort... We, wife and I, just paddle creeks and lake shore lines but the canoe does all we want it to... Rating 10 of 10 by allen
Read more reviews or get more info on the Adventure 16 canoe.

2015 Calendar Valentine Gift Solution: Paddling Perks!
Buy Paddling Perks and you will get a great t-shirt and 2015 wall calendar. If you select the premium option you will get an extra shirt, calendar, and bonus gift too.
2015 Perks Shirts
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