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30 July 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
Cascade Creek


by: Ken Knezick
Photo of the Week
Enlarge Photo

 • Canoeing Duo Wins 7th Consecutive Marathon
 • Kayakers breach secure area at JFK airport
 • Descendant of William Clark floats Missouri River

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Blue iKayak Ladies T-Shirt
 • Photo Runner-up
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Kayak Motor Kit

by BassYaks
TOP STORIES Summer Sale and Clearance!
Summer Sale! It's that time again at the store. We're marking down prices on some extra inventory and this is your chance to get some big savings. From discontinued shirts to hats and some paddling DVDs, we've reduced prices on over 30 items to make room for some new products. We've also put all of our DVD Combo Packs on sale! Check out the sale today as some prices are based on availability.

Great Shirts Only 3 Days Left to Join Paddling Perks! get $10 to spend in the store!

How to Edge & Lean a Kayak
Kayak Edge-Lean Learn how the edging technique can help turn your kayak quickly in this useful video. When edging, you're in balance and in control of your tilting, whereas when you're leaning your center of balance gets outside the center of buoyancy of the boat and you're at risk of going for a swim. This is a tutorial segment from the Gordon Brown Sea Kayaking DVD series.

Canoeing Wabakimi Provincial Park
Canoe Trip A video documentary from 1993 by Kevin Callan. Classic! Follow along as Kevin canoes in Wabakimi Provincial Park, Ontario. The only way to get to his put-in was by train (extreme urban portage) and the only way to leave was by plane... He spent seven days canoeing on 3 rivers enduring sudden hail storms, sweltering heat, Lucifer's Run and more, all to visit the unique hermitage of... Wendell Beckwith? Watch, Laugh and Learn.

New Product Announcement
Etain 17-1
Etain 17-1 kayak
by Valley Sea Kayaks
Valley launches a new smaller version of the Etain! The new Etain 17-1 provides a very similar fit as the successful Avocet LV, but at over a foot longer, it offers greater forward speed, improved tracking and more loading volume. Ideal for those paddlers around the 100 lb. mark attempting longer open crossings or multi-day trips. Really, it's just offering smaller paddlers the same choice of true expedition style kayak model the rest of us have enjoyed from Valley for years. Four Boat Sweepstakes!
The latest Sweepstakes recently started where you can enter to win a Classic V10L Club kayak from Epic, an Edge 13 kayak from Riot Kayaks, a folding Gremlin kayak from Folbot, or a Prospector 16 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe. The boat prizes all come packaged with other valuable items such as paddles from Sawyer Paddles, kayak/canoe sails from WindPaddle Sails, PFDs from Onyx, sunglasses from Silverfish, and boat storage racks from Sparehand Paddlesports. Congratulations to Tom Moriarty of Canton, OH who won a $20 gift certificate to the store just for entering this past week.

In The Same Boat: Knots to Know
When "Our Readers Write" last appeared, April showers — and the floods they brought in their wake — were still breaking news. But now summer has settled in over Canoe Country with a vengeance, and paddlers are taking to their boats by the thousands. And what holds our disparate community together besides a love of boats and water? Knots, that's what. However many you master, there's always "Knots More to Know." Which is what folks are talking about this week at In the Same Boat. Check it out.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Bioluminescence Kayak Tour (FL)
by Kayak
Outfitter Photo
During the warm summer months the waters around Marco Island can come alive and glow! Fish, paddles, kayaks, even your hand moving through the water produces a splash of tiny fireworks that manifests as a bluegreen glow!

Canoe Photo Product Review Spotlight
Winisk canoe by Swift Canoe & Kayak
Bought a gold fusion layup in 1992 (couldn't afford Kevlar) and put a lot of trips on it... My only regret is not getting the lighter layup. Even solo I can heel it to the gunwhale & turn into the wind. Loaded & facing 2 - 3 foot waves my wife could draw the bow & keep us pointed into the wind. And running a rocky chute of foaming whitewater proved out this canoes stability in extreme conditions. Not a white water canoe but one helluva tripping canoe... Rating 9 of 10 by davej
Read more reviews or get more info on the Winisk canoe.

Whalewatching: How NOT to do it.
A massive whale lifts a tandem kayak out of water in Argentina and takes the startled paddlers for a short ride. This is incredible video, however it is strongly discouraged behavior by responsible kayakers who should attempt to stay at least 100 yards away from whales.

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