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23 April 2014
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
Cascade Creek


by: Dave Grainger

Enlarge Photo

 • Wilderness Canoe Expedition planned with gear from 1905
 • Boy Scouts Guide to Kayaking Merit Badge
 • Fishing The Kayak Classic In NYC's Jamaica Bay

 • Featured Product:
Kayak Swirl T-Shirt
 • Photo Runner-up
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Touring Kayak Paddles

by H2O Paddles
Remackel Trailers Added to Accessories Buyers' Guide
Remackel Trailers Remackel Trailers builds 4, 6, and 8 place galvanized canoe trailers that come with 30-year warranties. With removable racks, these trailers can also double as utility trailers. See the rugged trailers by Remackel now available to view, research and compare in the Accessories Buyers' Guide.

Kayaking for Fitness
Fitness kayaking People are turning to kayaking as more than just an occasional recreational activity. Just like running or aerobics, they are using it as a fitness tool as well. This short video looks at a few of the benefits of adding kayaking to your regular exercise regiment and shares a few tips on how to get the most of your training on the water.

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Ladies shirts, mens shirts, wicking shirts...
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Communication Counts
Paddling Canoe Cliff Jacobson presents a few cases that demonstrate what happens when fuzzy thinking or adrenalin cloud clear communication. He looks at what went wrong in these misadventures and stresses the importance of direct commands in a tandem canoe on a wilderness river trip.

New Product Announcement
Vapor PFDVapor PFD by NRS
Comfortable, feature packed and affordable, the NRS Vapor is the life jacket boaters have been looking for. Its action-cut design leaves your arms free for unrestricted paddling and rowing. With the easy-on side entry, six adjustment points and soft, conforming foam, the Vapor gives you "I forgot I had it on" comfort. Behind the huge zippered chest pocket is a roomy hand-warmer pouch for chilly fingers. Add in a knife lash tab, reflective piping and 16.5 pounds of buoyancy, and you've got a clear boating-safety winner.

New 4-Boat Sweepstakes!
4-boat sweepstakes Enter to win a Baffin kayak from Boreal Designs, a Nessmuk canoe from Hemlock Canoe works, a Trident 13 angler kayak from Ocean Kayak, or a Nomad HP1 inflatable kayak from BIC Sport in the latest Sweepstakes. The boat prizes come packaged with a few other valuable items like: PFDs from NRS, paddles from Sawyer Paddles, drybags and gear bags from SealLine, and boat transport racks from Yakima and Whispbar.

In The Same Boat: Cooking in the Wind
Wind is the sailor's best friend, but it's the camp cook's worst enemy. Wind leaches heat from your pots and reduces your stove's steady flame to a pale and fluttering imitation of itself. And the answer? A windscreen, of course. So this time around, in her latest for In the Same Boat, Tamia describes some of the more common expedients. Her column's titled "Breaking Good." Check it out.

Trips Directory Spotlight
Inn-to-Inn Sea Kayaking - Santorini (Greece)
by Northwest Passage
Outfitter Photo
A unique view of the famed Santorini! See it from all sides in a circumnavigation of this historic, pristine island.

Kayak Photo Product Review Spotlight
Bering Sea Kayak by Swift
The weight and length makes this an exceptional boat for sea kayaking. It is one of the few sea kayaks that one can easily lift off and onto a car and the launch site with ease. It carries a hefty load inside, handles extremely well but you must know the secret for stability... Rating 10 of 10 by JHF
Read more reviews or get more info on the Bering Sea kayak.

Trans-Atlantic expeditionTrans-Atlantic kayaker completes solo journey
67-year old Polish adventurer Aleksander "Olek" Doba paddled into New Smyrna Beach Marina on Saturday after a more than 6,000-mile record-setting journey across the vast Atlantic Ocean alone in a kayak.

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