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20 May 2015
PADDLENEWS: The Weekly Newsletter of  
BIC Sport
BIC Sport


by: Richard Reeve
Photo of the Week
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 • Family's canoe trip takes sleepy, snowy turn
 • Watching Bats by Kayak
 • Paddling the Adirondack Park's wild Opalescent River

 • Featured Product:
Strapits Stretch Utility Velcro Straps
 • Photo Runner-up
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Portable Anchors

by Squid Anchor
Wicking Shirt Sale - Save 20% or Choose Free Gift!
Wicking Shirt Special! You can save 20% on all short-sleeve and long-sleeve wicking shirts, or choose instead to get a free Nalgene or bilge sponge with the Wicking Shirt Sale going on in the store. Choose from six different wicking shirts - each is rated UPF 30+ sun protection and wicks moisture from your skin 4 to 8 times faster than cotton. Don't forget, Paddling Perks members save 10% off this deal as well as everything else in the store.

A Kayaker's 'Body English'
Body English Tom Watson takes a look at body position in a kayak and how it can create more efficient paddling in his latest article. He examines torso rotation, holding your paddle, points of contact in a kayak, paddle stroke style and other tips that may help a paddler become more proficient once these body movements/positions are put into practice.

Kneel or Sit in a Canoe?
Kneel or Sit in a Canoe The majority of canoe paddlers find it most comfortable sitting on the seats to begin with, and there's nothing wrong with that position. However, kneeling off the seat is a much more stable position. This brief video points out the advantages of kneeling and even "heeling" in a canoe. Learn how to give your paddling stroke more strength and reach by kneeling.

New Product Announcement
Blackfoot HB Angler™ XL by Aquaglide
Blackfoot Angler kayak
For those who are as serious about their angling as they are about their paddling, Aquaglide® is pleased to introduce the Blackfoot HB Angler™ XL. Whether running Class 3, or paddling into remote pockets, this rugged inflatable kayak is designed to get you where the fish are and loaded with features to help you catch them. Includes seven Scotty mounts, seat Booster, even a Fishing Cooler. Most importantly, the Blackfoot™ is built with a rugged Duratex™ HB construction for an inflatable hull that is incredibly stiff, efficient and stable enough to stand in.

3-Boat Sweepstakes!
Enter for a chance to win one of three boats! Choose from a Navato 120 kayak from Evoke Paddlesports, a PAL 16 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe, or a NC 17 Quest LT kayak from NC Kayaks. These boat prizes also come packaged with other valuable gear items: portable coolers from IceMule, PFDs from Stohlquist, camping meals from Cache Lake Camping Foods, and storage racks or boat carts from Suspenz. Congratulations to Kim Olson from Sussex, WI who won a $20 gift certificate to the store just for entering the contest this past week!

In The Same Boat: Hot Dogs v. Tofu
For many paddlers, summer wouldn't be summer without hot dogs on the grill. But let's face it: Hot dogs aren't exactly health food. Then again, what's the alternative? Well, how about vegetarian franks? Early versions didn't cut the mustard with Tamia, but she figured things might have improved since then. So she's arranged a one‑round match between an all‑beef Champ and a meatless contender. Read all about it at In the Same Boat. "Hot Dog!"

Trips Directory Spotlight
Everglades Boat Asst Kayak Eco Tour - Florida
by Everglades Area Tours
Outfitter Photo
This tour combines the best of a boat tour, the best of a kayaking tour and the best of a walking tour. Whisking comfortably along and fitted with complete safety equipment, a sunshade, six very stable kayaks and a full iced-cooler, you are brought to the places that most would take days of paddling just to reach.

Kayak Photo Product Review Spotlight
S18S Surf Ski Kayak by Stellar Kayaks
This 18 footer is a dream to carry, sit in and paddle. I have the "Advantage" layup (35 lb) and it is effortless to pick up and move. In the water this thing glides so easily that you can either set up a workout or sit back against the bucket back (very comfortable) and just cruise... Rating 10 of 10 by hodad66
Read more reviews or get more info on the S18S Surf Ski Kayak.

Kayak Beach Landing Fail
Kayak Beach Landing FAIL
This video clip is proof that landing a kayak in surf is not the easiest... Hope he was able to get all the sand out of his pants!
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