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     What's your favorite paddling hat? For canoeing, I like my wide wide-brimmed Missouri River Brand Jim Bridger Mountain Man Hat. It's 99% wool, and it's good all year round. The wind has never pryed it off my bald spot. I bought it one size too small, but after sweating on it a few days, it's now the perfect size. Always seems to shade the back of my hairy neck (we won't talk about my hairy back). Once a fellow canoeist with a nice Stetson and I crossed paths and he said, "I thought I had the biggest sail in these here parts. Now I see that I've been bettered." It sure would be prettier with a beaded headband, but I've got so many bead projects in the works I'm gonna need a corral.

Of course, wool is a good hat to have in winter, too, since it will retain heat even when wet. But, I don't have to worry about that when I'm paddling ole Nelly 'cause she would never buck me off. Just in case, though, I put sponsons on my saddle.

I'm afraid to sport any other Mountain man attire. I might try my buckskin pants sometime, but I haven't worn them enough to make'em water resistant (the best way to get 'em that way is wear them a heck of alot so the body's oils penetrate the leather. Adding other oils to the leather is too messy and not as much fun. Of course, the neighbord kids think I'm weird when they come around when I'm got my dutch ovens going in my backyard with buckskin pants and an apron on.)

Anyways, here's some hat characteristics I like for canoeing:

wide brimmed (In hate those UVA/UVB rays)
snug fit
black underbrim so won't reflect back on my eyes.

I'm half scared of having a hat loop around my neck. Sounds like a invitation for a hangin'.

The little woman keepsa trying to get me to wear one of them Tilley hats, but if my neighbors spotted me in with that thing on while paddling my bronco, I'm afraid they'd start some nasty rumors.

A genuine cowboy once told me that most of 'em wear wool hats in the summer because they're a might cooler. I thought he was pulling my leg, but my Jim Bridger hat seems to keep my noggin cool enough. One would think a straw hat with tiny holes would be cooler, but maybe this wrangler twasn't joshing me.

Now if I could just get ole Nelly to get up a better head of steam with my spurs and quirt.

Favorite kayak hat: All I've worn is cheap ball caps, but they don't give enough shade for a sweat hog like me. Since kayaks are a lot wetter, I could use some guidance on this point. I'm afraid if I wore my wide-brimmed Missouri River Brand Jim Bridger Mountain Man hat that when I rolled, my hat's hull displacement would yank me plum outta my skirt.

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