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Reviews for Legacy Canoe by Navarro Canoe Co.

Rated: 9.33/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

Length: 13' 0" - Width: 38.0" - Starting at: $2500.00
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Rating: 8 of 10

     We bought our fiberglass Legacy used, with the idea to start getting familiar with and comfortable in canoes. It served well for that purpose, but we have since moved on.

According to the Navarro website, this canoe was designed for small lakes and ponds. If those are the only places one wants to paddle, then the Legacy is a good choice for the long-term. If we had room to store more than a couple canoes indoors, we would have kept this one just for my solo fishing trips on the local ponds. It excels at initial stability, even though it is short (13'). And with good technique, this little canoe tracks well enough and is actually quite maneuverable for a straight-keeled boat. I found it to be very easy to stand it for fishing, and for getting a better view ahead. With its wide 39" beam, it does have very little glide - but with it's raised keel and its somewhat low profile, it doesn't get pushed around too much by the breezes.

Maybe the Legacy could have been designed with a sleeker entry profile for more glide, but it's fuller shape at the bow and stern do add buoyancy - and keep in mind that this little canoe is designed as a small tandem.

Even though the Legacy was not intended for rough water, we did use it successfully on a couple of local rivers with some class I moving water. It's biggest drawback in that environment is it's keel, which tends to drag over shallow riffles. It did make it through some small wave-trains and such without taking on more than a couple of cups of water. Of course, anything rougher may have easily swamped this shallow (11.5" depth) hull.

One thing that is indisputable about this little canoe (and probably all Navarro canoes) is that it is some real "eye-candy". It never fails to draw comments on it's beauty from bystanders. And there is something very pleasant to the soul about paddling a wooded pond in this glass/wood constructed boat.

Lifting and car-topping this 59lb canoe is pretty easy - but not so much as doing so with a 59lb vinyl-gunwaled royalex boat, because it inspires a bit more care so as not to scuff up it's good looks.

The fact that there is wood in it's construction does mean there will be some maintenance issues, but nothing that your average "crafty" person can't handle. All-in-all, a great little calm-water canoe for someone who has neither the room nor the need for a bigger boat, and appreciates the style and appearance of Navarro's fiberglass/wood construction.

I give it an "8" because I would have designed the Deck/handles differently, and the interior fitting/finishing could have been more precise.

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Submitted by: JonSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My wife and I purchasd our Legacy for it's stability, due to the fact that we want to introduce our 6 1/2 month old daughter to canoening. Our only concern was space in the 13' boat, but we had plenty. The boat handles like a dream, although by myself, going upwind and "upstream" (actually downstream in the Russian River, but being near the mouth, the incoming tidal flow was very present) was a lot of work.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     My wife and I, both over 60, purchased this 13' craft for it's stability and weight (42lbs.) We've had it in a slough on the central coast of California, and on a reservoir in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has handled like a dream, both in tidal currents, and in wind conditions on the lake. I can easily lift it to rooftop of a campershell wquipped with a Yakima rack. It's a dream to handle with two novices at the beavertail paddles.
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