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Reviews for Slipper Canoe by Mad River Canoe

Rated: 8/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: YanoerSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I just traded a tandem canoe yesterday for this 1998 Carbonlite 2000 45# Slipper with black aluminum gunwales, wood thwarts and carry handles and a two position plastic tractor seat. I agree the two previous previews regarding the handling and appearance. I had it out on a broad river with winds from 20 to 30 mph using a double-ended kayak paddle and the Slipper did great going into the wind, across the wind and with a following wind. It handled the 1' to 2' rolling waves with easily from all directions. The slightly flared bow blocked all waves from entering the boat. The following waves felt very interesting and fun, they were pushing me up river, almost like surfing. The tumblehome made reaching water very easy. The boat felt very stable and secure with nice balance and decent speed. The contours of the seat felt like they were for a smaller adult or a child, not as comfortable as my tandem canoe tractor seats, but were comfortable enough for the hour that I was out on the river and probably for much longer after I get used to it. The positioning and height of the seat are great for me (5'6" and 145#). The seat adjusts easily from tilted for kneeling to level for sitting while you are still in the boat and on the water. My size 8 shoes fit easily under the seat while kneeling. The Carbonlite 2000 hull material looks like it should be pretty durable and take bumps and bangs pretty well. About 1/2 of the hole plugs in the aluminum gunwales (where the wooden thwarts, seat frame and carry handles are attached) were missing, but should be easily replaceable. The rest of the fit and finish looked pretty good and the Slipper is nice to look at. I'll have a better Idea about hull speed after I get it out on my favorite lake on a calm day. My only solo canoe before this was an Old Town Discovery 119 and I like everything about the Slipper much better than the Discovery 119 (except the 5# heavier weight).
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     The slipper is indeed a delightful solo too paddle. Its very responsive and has a lively feel to it. It turns very quick and tracks resonably well. Handles waves and boat waves without a hitch. The wind does take it a bit but is usually easy to get back on track. Paddles upstream around hairpin turns like a dream sometimes the current can catch it if its not leaned over far enough. Hull speed is adequaate I can stay with my wifes Independence without any trouble. It moves along with ease unless your really trying to push it. Its a fun boat to paddle mines out of Kevlar Id give it an 8 in rating.
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Submitted by: REXBSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     (Please note that this review is of one of the classic Slippers that were not made after 1995. It is not a review of one of the newer carbonlite models with the tractor seat.) This is a beautiful, petite solo canoe--lovely ash trim and walnut decks. It is more maneuverable than Mad River's Independence due to its shorter length and the hull having less of a pronounced shallow-vee design. Initial stability is fairly close to final stability and the Slipper leans well to the rail for carving turns. Hull efficiency is less than the Independence but still ample (about like a Wenonah Moccasin).
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