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Reviews for Disco Kayak by Riot Kayaks

Rated: 9.2/10 Based On: 5 Reviews

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Submitted by: RossSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I just bought a second hand (obviously) riot disco a couple of weeks ago. I got a carbon kevlar split paddle and spraydeck with it, all for £380. So far I have only used it in a swimming pool as it is the only chance I have had to get out, but it is a great boat and so responsive. Foot room is a little issue for me but the seat should go back, if I can get the rust out the bolts!!! GREAT KAYAK :)
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Submitted by: mfSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I'm thirteen years old and live in Colorado the Disco by Riot is a great boat but not cheap 200-300$ but its worth it because of the waffle pattern makes it easy to turn. I way 90 pounds and I'm 5 foot so the 7 foot boat is a little big for me. But the durability is great after 50 or so, rapids, bumps and and scraps from the shallow creeks it does just fine. It is a little hard to control because it a little big. For me you can flip it just as easily as any other boat. Over all its great boat for big, little and rough rivers.
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Submitted by: cpSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Paddled the disco from the day they started making it till i retired two years ago. best boat i ever owned.little heavy after a long day in hell hole, almost got killed in it on a high water run. ( my fault), and i weight almost 200lbs.foot room is tight and needs constant refoaming . also the constant top of foot bleeding is a bit painful, but you can cartwheel endlessly and effortlessly. ocean waves are difficult to catch due to slow starts and shortness, but hey , the ocean sucks anyway. if you have a used disco for sale, email me, ill keep it in my garage till i decide to take up paddling again some day.... addiction problem...
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Submitted by: JustinSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I just bought a used Riot Disco a few days ago and so far I have been very impressed with the boat. It handles well, surfs like a dream, spins like crazy and I think I could almost do a loop with more practice. The only thing that I don't like about the boat is the complicated outfitting which I never seem to be able to get just right. Otherwise, itís a great kayak.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     Disco comp. Is a most awsome kayak,it's light weight makes it a pleasure to transport, carry, climb with and she handles like a dream in the water. A very easy boat to put where you want it in the rivers.The slip system on the bottom lets you spin effortlessly.Stern sqirts are again made easier because of the light weight. I have so far found this to be the most comfortable kayak I've had to spend time in. Easy to outfit this boat to get a nice cozy feeling. Switching from a regular sized boat to the Disco you'll find yourself giggling as to how quick & easily it moves.Surf fins can be added and taking this boat to the ocean waves again will have you smiling from ear to ear. It's hard to miss a wave at the beach with this puppy. An easy boat to roll. Back to the river, in and out of holes with relative ease, the only thing I can say a little on the down side is those flat water areas in rivers between play spots are a bit more work, and the lenght of the boat you feel a bit more pull back into some holes.But I would highly recomend this boat to anyone, if the opportunity comes up jump in one and give it a spin. This kayak really is a RIOT !
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