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Reviews for Vortex Kayak by Dagger

Rated: 6.63/10 Based On: 8 Reviews

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Submitted by: gbSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Just picked up a Vortex. I have a few smaller play boats but for river running and creeking I think it's a great boat. I'm only 140 so I don't sit very deep in the water and have found it to be very easy to use for a boat its size not its a bit outdated but a timeless design for a displacement hull. I think it'd be unfair to try to compare it to smaller play boats but for blastin down a river on over nite trips its a great boat but unless ur pushin 200 lbs don't expect to do any cartwheels.

If ur lookin for a fun boat with lots of room buy one but don't spend a lot of money there's plenty of them floatin around I got mine for 150 with paddle helmet and skirt I love it

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Submitted by: rojo
Rating: 8 of 10

     This was my first boat in 1996. I loved this kayak and should have never sold it. I upgraded to an Outburst which I hated. The Vortex was the bigger version of the crossfire. It performed well for a displacement hull boat. It did get a little sluggish when water accumulated inside. All in all this was a very good dependable boat when it was released.
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Submitted by: Jim MonrowSend Email
Rating: 2 of 10

     I got my Vortex used last summer and it was so bad. I am only 150lbs and it is super uncomfortable and did not perform well. It is hard to roll and is not a good whitewater boat - it's not a good any kind of boat for that matter...
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Submitted by: PaulySend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Medium-to-longer fast river boat. Very fun and manoverable. Perfect control for strong eddies and heavy currents. Simply bobs it's way out of deep holes very easy to surf the rim too. Handles comfortably and steady on lazy rivers, very stable. Seat extremely comfortable with good foot foam (instead of pegs).
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Submitted by: cvgSend Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     I learned on this boat a few years ago. For that it worked quite well. The challenge of paddling this boat in a straight line on anything other that fast moving water proved a benefit for other boats I have used. The hull speed and volume is great for punching through obstacles, however the lack of manueverability really limits it use. Rolling is easy and the boat is very stable. I don't think it can compare to more modern boats, but getting one to learn in for a cheap price wouldn't be a bad idea.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     After just buying two Dagger Vortex's, I found they are more stable than I expected and are quite fast after you learn to paddle a white water kayak,which I never quite learned to master! I was told my worst mistake was paddling them on a lake, when they handle much better in fast moving water. In the hands of a skilled paddler,it is said to be a very good kayak, so I give it a 8 of 10.
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Submitted by: RMSend Email
Rating: 4 of 10

     After my Response cracked I bought a Vortex. I never really liked it. The knee braces are too high and the stern grabs when you're not expexting it. I will say that it handled better when I was 210lbs,than when I was at 195lbs and it seemed more at home on the New River at 18,000cfs. I think the Prijon Tornado is a better "big man's" boat.
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Submitted by: Allan WarmanSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I can't change my body much and so after, Mirage, Dancer XL and Pinon's, the Vortex gives "floatation," but more important performance. The back edge gives a bite if tilted, but good surfing if flat to the surface. In Washington and Oregon I use this on creeks, rivers and the ocean. Only change I would make, is extend the aluminum stays so the foot board could be move further forward.
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