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Reviews for Keewaydin 17 Canoe by Swift

Rated: 9.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

Keewaydin 17 Canoe by Swift

Length: 17' 0" - Width: 35.0" - Starting at: $2095.00
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Submitted by: Doug AndrewsSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     We tried this boat back in 2013. I had a new boss up front for 2012 in the Kip and she was a novice paddler and wasn't too comfortable with the Kip's initial stability. I was thinking in my head that we would be changing to a Dumoine eventually because it is a much more forgiving boat.

To be honest I never gave the Keewaydin 16 any respect when it came out, just flat out didn't care for the boat, never even tried it. So on a return fall trip we stopped in at AO and tried a bevy of boats and confirmed my initial thoughts that we needed to get a Demoine. That was until Brian suggested we try the Keewaydin 17, he said keep an open mind, it will blow you away, the 17 had just come out.

Paddling conditions on the lake that day were ideal for testing a boat, very windy, and choppy and calm water in the bays. Initial stability was really good, much closer to a rec boat (Algonquin) than the Kip. Secondary stability really good.

Now the really surprising part. The first stroke we took leaving the dock the boat felt like my Osprey. The paddling stroke ergonomics were identical I knew after a short distance of paddling that I could paddle this boat all day long with no shoulder fatigue, strain and discomfort at the end of the day. The rolled in sides brought my arm in line with my shoulder. Less effort to paddle definitely translates to a better trip.

The boat did everything we asked it to do with little effort. It accelerates quickly in calm and rough water. The boat is deceptively fast, on par with a 2003 and later Kipawa. Now paddling into a 20-25 mph head wind with a 1-2 foot chop. This boat cut the wind and waves with ease and we didn't lose any momentum between paddle strokes. I was unbelievably surprised. When I got back to the dock my big smile said it all. We got to get one of these boats. The boss was very happy also. For her it is a much more docile boat when compared to our Kipawa and we are gaining performance.

If I had to pick just one boat to paddle this one would be it. I would have no problem selling this boat to a beginner. The boat's initial stability is very forgiving to be able to say this, where as a Kipawa I would never recommend to a beginning paddler. There are also different seat height options for this boat which allows you to play with the C of G (center of gravity), it's a comfort thing. The boat we test paddled had the lower seats in it. You can also mix the heights. Something else we were able to do and it came about by paddling the boat. We were able to grip the sides in a kneeling position like you do in a kayak and it helped with controlling the boat.

David Yost and Swift really nailed it with this boat. My partner and I suggest everyone go try one and keep an open mind.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     We demo'd this boat at a demo day this year. It's fast as heck, but the initial stability made us a little nervous. I would think it's better suited for light loads and short trips with experienced paddlers.

It was great, but we're looking for boats that can carry bigger loads (and our Newfie dog) so this one isn't for us. A wicked tool, just not the one for us.

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