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Reviews for Predator 13 Kayak by Old Town Canoe

Rated: 10/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

Predator 13 Kayak by Old Town Canoe

Length: 13' 2" - Width: 33.50" - Starting at: $1399.99
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Submitted by: RJ UnleasedSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     First I want to thank everyone who reviewed the Predator 13 by Old Town here on P.Net previous to my review. After much research, viewing, sitting, reading about this Yak, then finally paddling it, before I purchased one in Black Cherry!

My first sit on top fishing Yak was a Future Beach 160. It was a great starter boat. I felt so secure in it. My son and I fished out of a OT Guide for many years. Although I love OT and have bought, paddled and sold many different models of OT Canoes, the Guide always felt tippy. I was always on the edge, not to tip it , with all the tackle in the boat! Yikes Then I started Yaking. Then YakFishing. My FB 160 was great. I felt stable and caught many fish on it the last two years.

So, after a long, snowy, cold winter, I started looking at new yaks. I fell in love with all the new 11.5-14 foot fishing class yaks that were being made. It was so difficult to decide what kayak to get, if any? My main criteria were:
1. had to be stable enough to stand up and fish
2. had to have a comfortable seat with different positions
3. had to be able to be powered by more then my paddle to cover more ground and catch more fish. This was the most difficult criteria to meet without breaking the bank! Hobie, Fabulous boat but to much, Native Paddle same, great boat, not as expensive of Hobie but still too much, Predator XL super format but to much!
4. I had to be able to get my new Yak, up and down on my slide and grab Thule yak rack system, on my car. I did not want to do the trailer thing. Mo Money, taxes, Regs and just another thing to maintain. I can just about maintain myself!

The four finalist that met the above criteria were ( I am sure there other yaks that meet my criteria) these are just my preferences.
1. Feel Free Lure 11.5, nice compact, 2nd widest of the four, coolest colors!
2. Wilderness system RideX 115, angler, I use to drool over WS Pungo angler!
3. Feel Free Lure 13.5, see my thoughts below
4. Old Town Predator 13, I loved the lines, the big bow V, tri hull, colors and width! I must say, I did not paddle all of them, but I could not wait until the weather broke, here in New England, for a demo day. I know, I know that is the best way to decide. So, without that ability, what to do? I love to colors and features of both Feel Free yaks. And that Lure 13.5 is a beautiful Yak. OMG I loved everything about it, except for the weight.

So one down! I almost got the Lure 11.5 but as I watched video after video, KayakBassinTV, has some awesome videos. I saw smaller guys then me standing in the Lure 11.5 and he was not as steady as the bigger yak dudes in the Predator. Plus I considered, longer waterline, faster the boat can go. Its just a physics thing. Sail and you will know about waterlines and speed. The host on KayakbassinTV was the guy who taught me how to set up and make an anchor trolly. he is very cool. Thanks! So if I cant afford a foot paddle yak or engine options for the Lures or WS are very pricy too. Not to much for what you get, just to much for me. And the Lure 13.5 A Beast of a Yak, but also to load and port.

I guess after all that was calculator like all of us, Yakers do review and calculate! Cause we are very retentive, It left the Predator. I must add I've been and Old Town guy most of my small craft life. My FB 160 was 85 lbs so I knew I could do the load thing, alone. If you are still reading, thank you!

So, before I bought, I jump on the Predator, it was a little windy that day in March in RI, but not to bad. I was on a small inlet, salt, and I was on it, finally! At the first light but gusty breeze, started pushing me around. I did not like this, but I knew it had high top sides and is subject to some pushing. I was ok with that. It paddle very nicely, held the line very well. so I paddle over to a very high dock with a ladder attached. I pull up to it, easy into the breeze. I held the ladder, I stand up, I let go of ladder, I purposely rocked it side to side. Wow! It's everything they said. I sat, paddled, put it on the car!

Stay tuned for my Predator outfitting reviews and new YouTube series called RJ Unleashed! Thanks for reading and good luck if you are buying, I hope this review helped. ALa Al Davis, Just Yak Baby, Just Yak! Peace, Out RJ

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Submitted by: JKSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Old Town really thought this one out ... Some features are subtle but smart like the accessory panels so you don't put holes in the boat. Others like the seat stand out with more of a WOW factor. The seat is mt favorite because I can easily spend 8 hours on the ocean and not be in pain. The one way scupper plugs are also brilliant. It is not a boat that gets off the line quickly so if you do surf launches and landings like I do it takes some time to get the timing down.

Once you are moving it has no problem keeping up with other boats in its class i.e. Trident, Tarpon etc. Stability is second to none. I pulled a 24 lb. Halibut on my 2nd trip out and felt comfortable gaffing and pulling the fish onto the deck.
Highly recommend this boat - worth every penny.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have used my Old Town Predator 13 three times now and I love it. While I will not win any races in it, I bought it for fishing, not racing. It is the most stable kayak I have ever been in. I do not have any trouble standing in it. The seat can be used in the high or low level or folded back if you want to stand.
I am almost 60 with arthritis in my hip and I have no trouble getting in and out. My husband likes it so much, he is getting one for himself.

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