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Reviews for Ascend D10T Kayak by Bass Pro

Rated: 8.33/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: KirbySend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Great little kayak for the money. If you can pick one up used, even better. Very stable, but it woefully slow and tracks poorly at best. Sidehandles? Ever heard of those BP? If it had some useful dry storage I would've bumped it up at least another notch. And you pretty much have to replace the seat and add pad eyes to hold it securely. Those are the negatives.

The positive, well the price for one. Fairly lightweight for something so stable though unwieldy trying to put on my truck rack alone but it's doable. Small enough to easily store just about anywhere. Basically, if you realize this kayak's limitations (short trips in creeks or stillwater that don't require a lot of paddling) and they fit your needs it's a great deal. But if you get one thinking you're going to paddle several miles in out in the ocean or a multi-day camp/fish trip your gonna be posting an add on Craigslist pretty fast.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     This is a solid kayak and a great value. It is extremely stable, I can stand up in it. Not confident enough to fish, but with good balance I'm sure you could. It does lack storage (no hatch) or rod holders. However, I like the open deck. More choices and flexibility. The tank well is large for a 10' kayak, but this is due to its width. It also had a large weight capacity for a 10' kayak. However, Bass Pro lists 350lbs on its website. The boat list it at 325 (still good for its size). It also tracks well for its length, however it lacks glide after your paddle stroke.
The negatives are the seat. The bottom slides out from under you while in it. If it would stay put it would be a decent seat. I'm sure Velcro or something could cheaply fix the problem. I plan to replace it with a higher back option. Also the kayak has side trays for storage by your thighs. This was a selling feature for me. But they give me less room & dig into my thighs. So, I'm unsure if there a negative or positive. For a smaller frame person they maybe great. Also it lacks side carrying handles and due to its width hard to manage with one person. You can do it, but a side handle would improve this.

Overall a great kayak for the price and I am satisfied with the purchase.

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Submitted by: josh alexanderSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     This is my first real kayak and I love it. The seat is very comfortable and I have more than enough room. It is very stable. I stood up on it with no problem the first 5 minutes I was on it. It stays on track pretty well and its easy to maneuver. Its built pretty well too. I installed fishing rod holders on it and when I drilled the holes the material was about 1/4 thick. Maybe a little more.

I would recommend this kayak for anyone that is looking for a nice kayak to do some fishing in or to just paddle around in. I would suggest a kayak dolly or something to help you carry it. It's not super heavy but it is about 50-60 pounds and is awkward to carry by yourself. I will most likely get another one for my wife.

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