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Reviews for Slayer 14.5 Kayak by Native Watercraft

Rated: 9.5/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Submitted by: Kevin DunleavySend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     WOW. The Slayer 14.5 is a dream of a yak, worth every penny. I actually went to the outfitter with the intention of upgrading my canoe, but one look at the Slayer and I was hooked. I drove away with the 12' model on my Jeep, but after thinking about it all night I returned the next morning for the 14.5 footer. It's only a few pounds heavier but provides so much added stability, and it flies through the water.

Living in the Keys, I spend most of my time on the water sightfishing the flats, and the fact that I can easily stand up while fishing makes this my perfect yak. When I do decide to sit, the seat is very comfy and provides multiple height locations depending on conditions. The 8 large scupper holes drain so quickly that there's very little concern for getting swamped, even if I take a wave over the bow.

Native Watercraft has created the perfect fishing kayak, and I own it!

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Submitted by: Karen UrieSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     After owning a Native Watercraft Ultimate and a Manta Ray 12, I was intrigued by the thought of another Native boat similar to the Ultimate but with the thing I liked on the Manta Ray. The Slayer is the most comfortable kayak I have ever been in. The tracking is excellent and it can turn on a dime. The scuppers are large and drain well. There is a ton of on deck storage. Some paddlers have complained about the open bow and would prefer an enclosed hatch, but for me the open bow works out best. I can keep my fishbag, drybag and landing net handy for fishing, without taking up valuable storage space in the tankwell. The rear tankwell is large enough for a bait bucket and a crate or tackle bag. I also love the built in plano box storage. I can keep all on my terminal tackle and favorite lures close to me for quick tackle changes. The stability on this thing is amazing, I paddled out thru heavy chop and never once felt like this kayak was tippy. This kayak was just what I was looking for. The comfort of the Native Ultimate and the storage and fishability of the Manta Ray. I can't wait to pick up a second one for a friend or relative to enjoy with me. Good job Native.
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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     We've had the boat 2 months. The primary purpose was to find a kayak that was dog friendly, for a very active, 55lb Dalmatian named Boo. He exits, and can get back in with ease - and the scuppers self bail all his dripping water fine. It's a bit boat, but moves well, and handles large boat wakes with ease. The seat is great, and the wheel to help with launching/retrieving is a big help.

Very pleased with the boat - Boo really enjoys it too, highly recommended for dog enthusiasts!

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     The Slayer 14.5 is a very nice boat. It is heavy at 73lbs, but it has a attached wheel on the keel that helps when moving it around on land. It has lots of room with an open clean deck, you can easily stand in this boat.... the seat is great, well built with 2 positions, high and low. Myself and fishing gear adds about 300lbs and it still floats in 4 to 5 inches of water.

Very easy to maneuver, it makes quick clean turns and tracks extremely well. It is fast enough. It takes large waves in rough waters. It makes a great fishing platform. I love this boat; well worth the price.

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