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Reviews for 1750 CSK Canoe by Grumman Canoes

Rated: 9.33/10 Based On: 6 Reviews

1750 CSK Canoe by Grumman Canoes

Length: 17' 0" - Width: 36.0" - Starting at: $1279.00
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Submitted by: Brian V.Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My family and I have used a 17' Grumman Canoe for years. It has performed well under any circumstance we have paddled into. It truly is surprising how much weight a 17' Grumman aluminum, we have loaded all of our camping gear, fishing gear, three adult paddlers, & a dog, while paddling the canoe through boat wakes on the lakes surrounding Phoenix, AZ. Paddled all the way into the back waters of the area lakes and never felt insecure about the canoe once.

If you want a canoe that will last your family generations I would recommend a Grumman Aluminum Canoe without hesitation!

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Submitted by: MCSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     After trying out a friends fiberglass canoe I purchased a beautiful, used Grumman STD17. It's a dream for family camping! We just got back from a week at Indian Lake Islands in the Adirondaks, which is boat access only. No problem fitting two adults, two nine year olds, one Labrador and all our gear.

So stable the dog can jump out and be lifted back in without tipping. When unweighted it sits high and can really grab the wind.

Durable. Beautiful. Practical.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     An Aluminum TANK! I've dragged this canoe over a life time of log jams, hauled truck loads of crap, crashed into and stuck to many a rock, dumped it and humped it. This baby is Boy Scout proof and nearly bomb proof. Old school to the Max! Stable, tracks well, hull is surprisingly dent proof yet can be hammered out and if ever broken can be welded, screwed and patched. A TRUE Redneck dream! AND if it is ever totally destroyed, the scrap aluminum has value!

I highly recommend this boat, Grumman is a fantastic aluminum canoe, IF you can ever find the light weight racing model, CALL ME!

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     This was our first good canoe, after a 17' Smoker Craft. I bought it in 1975, and it is still going strong. The 17 shoe keel boat, with 7 ribs, was the original white water canoe. It turned reasonably quickly and could take a lot of abuse. By today's standards, it is not much of a WW boat, and it doesn't paddle as nicely on lakes as other 17ft boats, but it requires almost zero maintenance and we aren't afraid to let our friends borrow it. They really can't hurt it, as long as they don't wrap it around a rock.

It is a far more capable canoe than a Coleman. It really does paddle pretty well and is quite stable, probably a little too much. My biggest complaint is that it is cold and noisy. The seats are too low for comfortable kneeling, and it is not as easy to modify them as in my Old Town Appalachian or Navarro canoe.

The most amazing thing about this canoe is the sail rig. I have the sliding gunter rig which is 75 sq.ft. That is a lot of sail on a canoe. It is the same sail area as a Laser, although it is a lot lower aspect rig. In a good wind, it will plane, and it is very exciting to sail, sitting on the gunnel, with your feet under a thwart, hiked out to weather like a Laser sailor. While it is not quite as fast as a Laser, it is no slouch, and it great fun to sail. The sail rig was well thought out and very functional. It is not very sophisticated, but everything on it works well. As a point of comparison, it is a far better sail boat than a Klepper Arius with a main and jib rig.

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Submitted by: AKSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I have a 17' foot standard that is a hand-me-down my stepdad bought in 1983. This boat is nearly 30 years old and paddles as beautifully today as the day we brought it home when i was a child.

Excellent flat water tracking, large capacity. I've gone on several week-long trips with this canoe and it handles well loaded with all our gear, including a large cooler full of beer and food. The only knock is that it's not that great to fish out of since turning around in the boat is tough, and the lack of a portage thwart.
Overall, sensational boat that I plan to have the rest of my life

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Submitted by: Pat WahlSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have paddled hundreds of northern river miles over the years in my 17 foot Grumman. This weekend I am at the Wisconsin Indianhead governor's fishing opener event in Spooner. For the first time I will use my sidemount with a 4 horse Evinrude. I tested it out a couple of times this week. It tracks and turns beautifully, and it feels as stable as ever. Most of my paddling is alone, with a few big rocks and my Trek bike up front and me with my double blade Caviness in back. I paddle as long as I care to and then pedal back to the van. Nice balanced workout in a solid, classic canoe
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