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Reviews for Ascend FS10 Kayak by Bass Pro

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 1 Reviews

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Submitted by: RB
Rating: 9 of 10

     I have two Old Town Vapors (which we love) and two Ascend FS10 Angler kayaks ~ and we enjoy each tremendously on lake and (light) river trips ~ but, it is important to note that I have the 2010-2011 Ascend models!!

The Ascend is a bit heavier and has a smaller cockpit opening, but overall is just as comfortable/stable without having to paddle heavily. Tracks well too... It also is a bit more durable it seems. Plenty of leg room on the my models, but... the newer (2012) models are a bit more shallow for leg room, and the the (inside) back of the kayak was cut out to make it lighter.

Overall a good buy for the price, but just make sure your feet/legs will fit under the front of the cockpit.

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