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Reviews for UCO Fuel Spout

Rated: 4/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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     Addendum to my review below:
I bought some PR-3 epoxy, slit a drinking straw so it would fit inside the broken spout then repaired the broken spout with the epoxy, smearing it around and over the straw. Once dry, I was able to remove the straw which gave me an opening for the fuel and filed down the epoxy to match the original spout, though much thicker.
It seems to work ok.

And after disassembling the entire spout, I was able to clean and get the thing working properly. The spout is still a good idea though be certain to store and carry it upright.

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     I purchased this for my Optimus 8R camping stove as I normally have to use a funnel to (carefully) pour fuel from my bottle into the fuel tank. I thought that the on-off option and the pour spout would be easier, safer and enable me to dump unnecessary gear.

Unfortunately, I had two arguments. the twist seal wasn't as operator friendly as advertized and after one trip, the spout began to break at the rim.

Frankly, I was afraid that if the spout was this fragile, I'd hate for the rest of it to crack and pour fuel all over the inside of my kayak and gear. Thus I retired the spout and returned to my older system.

I suppose making a cozy in my dry-hatch to hold the bottle upright and safe would help but frankly, even I am not that anal though I did consider making a protective cap for the spout.

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