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Reviews for Mako 6 Kayak by Fenn

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 1 Reviews

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Submitted by: billSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I purchased this boat used, I am the third owner. The Mako 6 is the successor to the Mako Millennium. The Mako 6 and mako millennium are no longer available new in the USA. they have been replaced by the mako elite.

the mako 6 is more stable than the mako elite or the millennium. it is not as stable as the fenn swordfish. if money grew on trees i would buy a swordfish, mainly for it's stability but my used carbon mako 6 was 14% the cost of a new carbon swordfish. anyway... i have paddled the mako 6 about 6 times now, 8 miles each time. it does not rub the skin off my upper backside like my millennium did. this is huge for me. it does rub a tiny bit of skin off my sacrum but it think that is easy to fix with a little padding. the rudder on my boat is aftermarket and works well. the screws holding the rails which have the adjustable footrests are frozen - but that is OK i do not ever need to take them out. (salt water corroded them i suppose).

the adjustable footrests are excellent - my millennium did not have them. very easy and fast to adjust. the boat turns on a dime, probably because of the increased rocker in the hull versus the millennium. the boat is clearly faster than my wave exceed, which figures given that it is narrower and longer. it might be slower than the millennium but i have no way to judge. the mako 6 is faster than a swordfish.

Summary - my used fenn carbon mako 6 is a well made boat that weighs about 29 pounds, has adjustable footrests, is fast, looks good, is comfortable and does not rub the skin off my back with an 8 mile paddle. it is more stable than a mako millennium but less stable than a swordfish. it turns well.
i think it is a keeper.

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