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Reviews for Coosa Kayak by Jackson Kayak

Rated: 8.45/10 Based On: 11 Reviews

Coosa Kayak by Jackson Kayak

Length: 11' 3" - Width: 31.50" - Starting at: $1199.00
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Rating: 9 of 10

     Let me start by saying this is my first kayak and I am a beginner. With that said, I think that overall the Coosa is a great kayak for it's intended purpose. It is a very stable and very open platform from which to fish. It is not particularly fast or graceful, but it is not supposed to be. In contrast, my wife has a Jackson Ibis that is much faster, much more effortless and much more graceful, however it would be a pain to try to fish out of the Ibis. So again, for it's intended purpose, the Coosa is about as perfect as you can get.

One other thing to say: Almost everyone has asked me if I have tried standing up in it, and I have. At 6'-0, 265lbs, it is stable to stand on, but I could not imagine trying to land a fish while standing. Basically, it was all I could do to maintain my balance just standing there. Hopefully I will get better at standing with practice as I really hoped to be able to stand while fishing.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     As a big guy (275lbs) I was looking for something stable for floating rivers. Couldn't have found anything better. Seat is comfortable, just right for me in the low position. Can sit in it all day and not have numb feet or legs. The only improvement would be an additional skeg. The one on it is replaceable and if they could provide a larger one to swap out for flat water it would improve the paddling. This is a highly maneuverable boat designed for moving water and therefore tends to require a lot of correction strokes for flat water.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     Love it with Coosa, good stablity, easy paddling, open concept, easy for setup for fishing equipment. I used my Coosa for fishing, and like I can standing when casting the lures. Or for fly fishing. the best kayak in the market for standing fishing platform.
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Submitted by: ttSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I rented the Coosa for a river trip, and it performed excellently. The tracking is good, and the speed was also quite sufficient. While not the fastest yak out there, the stability (I could stand and fish) and ease of maneuvering made for a very pleasant float. The seat is super comfortable and really is a game changer when compared to conventional seating. It's basically like a lawn chair on a kayak, and it's awesome. I would highly recommend this kayak as an all around great river boat.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     My 2011 Coosa is great. I am in the river most of the time. Standing, paddling, sitting, or even swimming from the Coosa. I get back into my Coosa in deep water very easy. I take lots of gear with me all the time. I did install a trolling motor on it for going up river. Did I mention the storage. I bought it used, She will never be for sale again.
fish jumped, gotta go.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have a 2012 Coosa and it has served me well. Great for smaller bodies of water and really great at moving water. One thing is that the stability is very good from a primary stand point, that said the secondary is minimal. You will be wet and you need to have a leash on everything that does not float. I run my adjustable seat in the low position to help as it lowers my center of gravity. The high seat position is nice for standing and sight. Beware lean with the seat in the high position and wet will be the word of the day. I live in Middle Georgia so wet is refreshing most of the year so it is all good.

I am very happy with the Coosa and highly recommend it, just understand it's design and stability and your good to go. I also have 2 other kayaks that I use on other types of water and those are better suited to those bodies of water. I am a fan of multiple tools designed for the application of intended use. Multiple kayaks are still cheaper that a "real" boat so just tell your significant other that I said it's OK and mandatory for a quiver of kayaks. Plus she'll have one to go with you and or when friends want to go you can choose the one best suited for you and you'll all still have a great day. All the best!!

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Submitted by: JamesSend Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     Well, I broke down and bought brand new Coosa. It is a very awesome looking boat. I stood up fishing in river all day, but every rapid I went down I tried to wheel around and fish eddy I flipped. Lost lots of gear. Boat flips way to easy in river. I'm use to a sit-in 11ft Old Town that never flipped. I weigh about 210 and been fishing in canoes all my life. This kayak tips easy.
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Submitted by: UP River FishermanSend Email
Rating: 4 of 10

     This is my second review after a long winter road trip to several rivers and lakes. I have owned the boat for about a year now. I will probably trade this boat in. I discovered several issues that relate to my size 6' 240 lbs. This boat acts top heavy in difficult moving waters. A person can go from fishing to nervous or from negotiating the river to bracing like mad to avoid swimming. I think a paddler closer to the designer's weight of about 160 pounds and 5'8" would be happier in this craft. I no longer trust this boat, so it will be replaced. A lighter paddler or a shorter paddler can buy it used.
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Submitted by: UP River FishermanSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     I bought my boat spring of 2012. I was looking for a fishing/white water boat that I could paddle upstream through a chute to fish the next pool, then paddle back down to my vehicle. I am 6 feet tall and 240 pounds.

This boat works for what I bought it for. It can ferry and can eddy turn. I can fish from it. I cannot stand up in it. I cannot use the high seat position, only the low seat position. The boat is heavy for it's length, and is awkward to load and unload from a vehicle rack. The carry handles are where the rod tie-downs should be and vice-versa. The compartment lids have bungees run though them so they are not water tight. But if you use small water tight bags, you can camp out of it. I use a long kayak paddle, but on small lakes or slow rivers, I prefer a bent shaft paddle. I added carabineers to guide anchor/mooring lines, and I added anchor cleats by the carry handle. I added a Scotty rod holder mid-ships. Many of the features for fishing are weak or need modification. Plan on getting hung up on vertical stumps. I have better boats for birding, hunting, or photography. The seat is very comfortable. I like the camo choices. I like the relatively easy in and out.

I would rate this boat as above average, not outstanding. It does fill a unique niche in my boat fleet. Happy paddling!

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Submitted by: JokingSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I purchased my Coosa in Feb. 2011 and I must say they did their homework on this design, It was my first Kayak ever and I did allot of research looking for the right one. Some of the features that really sold me on the Coosa were its stableness in the water setting and standing. I donít do allot of standing needless to say, but my plans in this purchase was to be able to. The only thing that I didnít like about the Coosa was the Thickness of the plastic body. I noticed in the hotter months it takes on the shape of what itís setting on. So you have to be very careful of your storing of the craft. Other than that a great fishing vessel!

Changes needed - Sturdiness of the under body, Plastic to thin.

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Submitted by: mjdSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     We just picked up our Coosa's today (Pink & Camo) and took them out for a test paddle on the pond. We haven't fished yet but let me say I am already impressed with the maneuverability and stability of this yak! After a couple times of standing and sitting I was very comfortable with it! I gave it a 9 because I have only had it a day but I will update you down the road!
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