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Reviews for Vapor 10 Angler Kayak by Old Town Canoe

Rated: 9.44/10 Based On: 16 Reviews

Vapor 10 Angler Kayak by Old Town Canoe

Length: 10' 0" - Width: 28.50" - Starting at: $499.99
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Submitted by: KPSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have used mine now for 3 months, 2-3 times a week river fishing. Narrow river filled with downed trees and ranging from 6" to 8'. This kayak will go anywhere. I have dumped it over but that was my fault, make sure when you get in your foot is in the middle, not off to the side. Yesterday I landed a 49" alligator gar and didn't even think about tipping. Tied a rope around him and paddled to the shore towing him beside the kayak. Not bad for a 60+ pound fish. The more I use it the more confident I am with what it can do.

As others have said, the cup holder is pretty much useless unless you can bend over and touch your toes. I would have liked to see the front come back more so the cup holder could be used and a rod holder or two placed in. I fish with the paddle in the holder and the two rods leaning against it and the handles on the floor.

At almost 65 years old, I have no problem loading and unloading this kayak out of the bed of my pickup, loaded. I am glad I purchased what I did.

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Submitted by: BRIANSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I recently purchased the Vapor 10 Angler for my two daughters and Wow, what a great kayak. We currently own 3 other kayaks and this one seems to track straighter and turn better than some of our more expensive touring kayaks. The 2 cup holders are great and the dash comes in very handy. All and all the whole family loves the boat, but the only problem is it usually ends up in a fight over who gets to use it first!
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Just bought my first Old Town Vapor 10ft Angler kayak after researching for weeks. Took it out on a local lake and paddled 3 miles along the shore in the wind and dealt with ski boat wakes. It rode perfectly over the wakes, both parallel and straight on.

Just like other reviews, it really is hard to tip over when paddling. Just right size and weight (44 lbs). Paid $399 at Academy Sports and this is $100 less than the competing Ascend kayak that seems to be a clone at Bass Pro. Looking forward to many outings with this kayak.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Bought this as my first Kayak after years of canoeing. Love my Mad River but I am starting to feel my age lugging it around for solo trips. I chose the Valor because of the large cockpit so I could put bags and gear in front of me. Really like it. Mounted a 3/4" plastic plate under the drink holder part that extends back about a foot so I could mount a rod holder in front that I could reach quickly. Paddles very well. I've even ran limb lines out into the Mississippi River in it.
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Submitted by: DBSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I got this kayak and love it. I think people want to have bigger kayaks to compensate for other things or their lack of balance. I can zip anywhere and best of all it does not stick out from the Tahoe or truck like a board from a lumber yard in an amateurs vehicle. Perfect for what I do with it, If I wanted a racing kayak I would have got one but the fish don't care what I am in.
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Submitted by: darenSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     just want to let someone know if you're looking at getting a fishing kayak the Vapor 10 Angler is tough to beat. This kayak is very stable. I bought one in September and love it. I can't swim and always had a fear of water, but this kayak's stability makes you feel safe
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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought my Old Town Vapor Angler about one month ago after renting another brand for a first time kayak trip. As a beginner, I wasn't sure what I wanted or needed but knew I had to fish. Wow. My Vapor is amazing. Stability provides much needed confidence. I have been in choppy waters and have felt safe and in control. Seats are comfortable and make paddling easy. Lots of storage and all areas are easily accessible.
Old Town, I will forever be loyal to you!!!!!

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Submitted by: TLMSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I purchased my Vapor 10 Angler in 2012 after hip replacements the previous two years. I wanted a fishing kayak that was light but stable, with a large enough cockpit to make entrance and exit somewhat graceful - not an easy task for someone in their late sixties and weighing 250 lbs. The Vapor 10 Angler met all my requirements.

It has a roomy cockpit with adjustable foot pegs, and an unexpectedly comfortable, padded seat. The two built-in rod holders behind the seat were easy to reach, and although it has an anchor and trolley, I never used it, preferring to drift fish. It was easy enough to position myself upwind and let it blow me along while I peppered the shoreline with lures. I could also rig both rods and 'troll' while slowly paddling through an area.

There was ample room for my fishing gear and a waterproof box for my wallet and cellphone. I usually kept both on the floor between my legs, as reaching the bungee'd up well behind me would have been difficult. Instead I kept my PFD there.

I fished small lakes only and wasn't worried about overturning. Since the kayak has foam flotation fore and aft, I knew it wouldn't sink in the event of a mishap and I could get to the PFD. Thankfully that has never happened as the craft is amazingly stable, almost hard to tip over. It also tracks incredibly well for such a small (10') kayak. I had no trouble paddling distances in it. There is a cup holder molded in the lead edge of the cockpit, but I didn't use it often as it was difficult for someone like me to reach that far.

Because I usually fish alone, weight was a concern. At 44 lbs though, I had little difficulty getting the kayak off and on the roof racks of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, if someone did show up, I was never too proud to ask for assistance!

All-in-all, the Angler 10 has been a fun, inexpensive fishing craft. I don't have the exciting YouTube-worthy experiences ocean kayakers have, but I have enjoyed some wonderful scenes in nature and caught a fair number of fish.
Wait, now that I think about it, I was once towed around for 5 minutes by a catfish. Is that YouTube-worthy?

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     This little boat is like a tank. It'll go through just about anything. I like this model so much I bought a non-angler version for my wife.

HANDLING: The boat is just wide enough to be very stable when casting, tossing a throw bag or helping another kayaker back onto their boat. The bulgy bow and extended keel at the stern helps it track well enough to allow for lazy long-sweep paddling without too much yaw. It can handle Class II, maybe Class III whitewater, but the long open cockpit means water's going to get in if you hit waves wrong. I even had it out on the ocean in 3-foot waves - and the styrofoam floatation aids keep it from sinking to the bottom.

RIGGING: well-outfitted with anchor trolley (one of the line guides is mounted right where I'll occasionally snag it with my thumb while paddling), rod holders and bow deck lines, but it could use a built-in bungee + J-hook paddle holder. I added eyelets around the day well so I can secure thing (usually a cooler) with bungee cords.

Overall a very good boat!

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I recently went on a fishing trip on the Kinzua Lake and upper Allegheny River in N.W. Pennsylvania. I used my sons Vapor 10 Angler kayak by Old Town. I found it to be very stable and maneuverable on both bodies of water.

We were in the yaks for over six hours at a time and the seat was comfortable and the paddling was easy. This yak is roomy and easy to get in or out even for a rather large old man like me. The only drawback is it needs a rod holder in front of the cockpit but that can easily be added by the owner.

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Submitted by: Jim HolmesSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought my OT Vapor from Cabela's - it was slightly weathered and probably used some, so the price was really outstanding. After having researched Sit-in yaks quite a bit, I decided this was the one for me. It has not let me down. I have enjoyed outfitting it with a side paddle holder and a side rod holder for a spare fly rod, plus a lot of little tie points for various items I like to take along. I can't think of one design element I would have OT make. The yak tracks great on Lake Somerville (better when there is more water than mud....) and is very stable. As a senior and not so stable old overweight guy, I appreciate how this yak accommodates me, especially with the large cockpit. For portability, I have my homemade milk crate buggy to pull it around on, and that works well, as does hauling it in my pickup bed. Incidentally, I compared this yak to lots of others costing well over twice as much before making the buy decision, which I am most satisfied with.
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Submitted by: Bobby SlovakSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I recently purchased by kayak from Academy Sports and Outdoors (Texas) for $300. I took it out on the San Jacinto river and Lake Conroe for the first time this week. Having only kayaked a couple of times, I was not sure how the Vapor 10 would handle the wind and wakes. I was pleasantly surprised as to the stability of the Vapor 10. It is going to take me a couple more trips to figure out the best places to store gear. I just leaned my spinning rod against my paddle as it sat in the paddle rests. With the long cockpit, it would be too far a reach to mount a rod holder up front.

Academy did not include an anchor and anchor rope when I purchased the kayak from them. Old Town told me that they should have, and the OT customer service representative was very helpful and sent me both items.

I would suggest that Old Town add small pulleys to both ends of the anchor trolley system. There is lots of drag on the rope as it goes through both eyelets. This makes it difficult to pull and will eventually cause abrasion to the anchor rope.

Overall, I am looking forward to many years of Texas kayaking!

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Submitted by: RB
Rating: 10 of 10

     I LOVE the Vapor 10 Angler. Been paddling in it for years ~ nice open cockpit, stable, durable, tracks well without heavy paddling. Comfortable seat too! Plenty of room for legs and feet, and a small child if you need (too small to go on their own).
We enjoy lake and (light) river paddling, take them all over. Easy lifting and traveling either on car or trailer.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     The Vapor Angler is a great Kayak. You get a lot of room to move around, and it works great with fishing. Being so low to the water, its easy to fish. The seat is surprisingly very comfy, for all day Kayaking. It tracks well and handles rough water well, the price wasn't bad. I highly recommend this Kayak, you should get it.
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Submitted by: RJHSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     This sit-inside fishing kayak, is remarkably accommodating to tall and husky people. I am comfortable in it at 6'1" and 245#, and my 6'3" sons are equally comfortable. Old Town designers have done an excellent job of balancing a large cockpit with a streamlined hull, and although it is short it glides and tracks nicely.

Due to its short length and large cockpit, open deck area for customization is limited. For example, the fore deck has rigging in place that is just right to hold my small lopping shears; large lopping shears probably wouldn't fit well though. With some extra pad eyes and bungies, the well in the back is large enough for a limited amount of cargo and a small cooler. Certainly sufficient to carry one's lunch, a snack or two, and hydration for a day on the water.
The two flush-mount rod holders are behind the paddler.
At 44#, this boat is easy to launch and load.

Old Town customer service was excellent. Once I got mine home, I discovered the right footrest was installed backwards, and to correct that I would have to destroy the stop that prevents the adjustable slider from falling out. A call to Old Town customer service and a couple of replacement stops were shipped right away.

This yak fills a particular niche probable as well or better than any other I could find as I did my research. I wanted a sit-inside for year-round fishing (and fishing in cold water); large enough to handle me, my gear, and my cooler. I also wanted it to be short enough to transport in the bed of my pick-up, which also has a deep toolbox in it. With this yak, I got all that I really cared about. The one customization that I really need, a flush Scotty mount so I can put a video camera up on a pole, should be possible even accounting for the limited deck space.

If the right foot had been installed properly by the factory, I would give this yak a 10. I probably got the only one ever that wasn't installed right, its just something to look at before you take possession of yours!

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Submitted by: Maine Paddler Matt
Rating: 10 of 10

     Just bought this yak at Dick's sporting goods. I have researched many kayaks from other manufacturers before buying this yak. What an awesome boat. I love the huge cockpit. Most yaks are cramped compared to this one. You can get spray or paddle drip in at times. A spray skirt or adjusting paddle technique helps. I would recommend a longer paddle (240cm) since the sides of this boat are higher. At times the bow goes side to side with aggressive paddling. I fixed this by adjusting my stroke.

Some complain about the speed of the Vapor. For a 10 ft. boat it goes good. I use a quick shallow stroke. I can keep up with my brothers old town adventurer which is a 14ft. yak. This boat is stable in chop. The bow cuts swells well. You will get some spray. The large cockpit allows me to carry my tackle box with me as well as a small cooler behind the seat. I am able to store other gear in the covered trunk. I can reach for things in the trunk and the boat has only minor roll.

The rod holders are angled out so I can troll while paddling. If you want to fish without drifting this yak comes with an anchor and anchor trolly system which hold the boat quite well. There is a deck bungie which is great for carrying my water proof case. Old Town also gives you a place in the cockpit to hang your phone or gps. The paddle rest is awesome for resting your paddle while landing a fish.

The only drawback to this yak is if you plan on carrying it any distance it can get heavy. I love that this boat fits well in a wagon or suv with little overhang. I can even carry it on top of my beetle. I get so many comments on how good this yak looks.

If you are looking for a good stable fishing yak that is tough, get this yak. The time you spend researching fishing kayaks you could be out fishing in this one.

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