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Reviews for Potomac 120 Kayak by Pelican International

Rated: 7.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Rating: 8 of 10

     I rented a Potomac 120 on the Oregon coast and paddled in the nature conservation area on the Siletz River estuary. I paddled for 3 hours and was quite comfortable for the first 2 1/2. It is a very basic boat, not overly heavy. The seat was very adequate. I had to pay attention to keep it going straight, but conversely, it would have been adequate in class 2 with a skirt. When I got back into the wind and paddled against it, it the water splashed quite a bit.

Definitely best as a quiet water boat unless equipped with a skirt. As a rec kayak, I would give it an 8, but as a touring kayak it would drop to a 6. Don't expect it to be more than it is.

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Rating: 9 of 10

     This is my first kayak and I love it!!! The great thing about it being such a simple model is that you can spend a lot of time customizing it to fit your needs. There is an awesome youtube video...just search potomac 100 es kayak and you will see it. The woman shows you how to modify it adding extra storage, anchors, cup holders, rod holders, paddle holder, etc! So much fun!!!
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Rating: 6 of 10

     Great little starter or rental sit-in kayak. No whistles or bells worth mentioning however. Don't expect much for the price other than the fact that it floats. The seat is not comfortable on longer excursions and the bungee tie down points are not heavy duty. With a few modifications, you could improve upon the less than adequate hardware and this could be an excellent back up kayak or to loan to the friend who wants to tag along. The things I would upgrade are the seat, bungee tie down hardware and I would add pegs around the cockpit to keep the spray skirt bungee from coming out of channel around the mouth of the cockpit.
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