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Reviews for Vision 150 Kayak by Current Designs

Rated: 8.75/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I own this boat it handles and tracks very well. The hard chine makes it feel tippy at first but you get used to it quickly. It is a little heavy to load by myself but I can do it. I highly recommend this boat for anyone.
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Submitted by: LSB
Rating: 9 of 10

     I recently purchased (May 2013) a Current Designs Vision 150. I have paddled an older plastic / heavy Chinook and a fiberglass / light Lincoln. All three boats obviously handled VERY differently in all water situations. I tested the Vision 150 in Annapolis, MD, and also in Toms River (Jersey shore). After paddling for a couple of hours I decided to purchase a Visions 150 (I also test paddled 5 or 6 other boats at both locations).

The decision to purchase a Vision 150 was correct. I love the boat with its backrest and adjustable seat. It handles nicely and glides easily through the water. In July 2013 I took the boat to Toms River NJ and found the bay / water to be very choppy (2 ft waves with a lot of boat wake / traffic) and fairly strong winds. Very rough conditions for a kayak. Although my wife (she has a Necky Elisa) and I were a little concerned with the rough water and wind, the Vision 150 pulled through with no problem (a few scary moments).

I was very satisfied with the performance of the boat. The only issue I have with the 150 is that at the Jersey shore, at the start of an evening adventure, the rudder decided to stop working. I didn't really need it, but I still want it to work. The lack of a rudder did not affect the evening trip out in the bay. The water was mostly smooth and calm. But during high winds and 2 foot swells, I would like the use of the rudder.

I would recommend this boat and am very satisfied (except with the rudder problem) which will be repaired VERY soon. I would like it more if it were made in the USA.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     This yak is the perfect size if you are looking for a hybrid/crossover model. Sleek good looks, not too big but, big enough to handle the open lake and keep up with the big boys.

But, what I like best about this boat is it’s efficiency. Every stoke you expend goes directly into the boat. While coasting at a relaxed rate in calm water you can take a pause between strokes and just glide for a while; take another few strokes and glide some more. From a dead stop you can reach cruising speed quickly—little wasted energy... exactly what a yak should be. This boat handles rough water quite well but, has a tendency to cut right through waves instead of riding them.

This kayak is also extremely good in the wind, probably due in part to it's low profile. The wind just doesn't seem to affect it. Secondary stability is also quite good but, there is no definite point where you can ride on edge. You just reach a point of no return—a quality I don't like. I prefer a hard chine.

One complaint I have was a leak in the front hatch but, it was an easy fix. The circular hatch rim is riveted to the deck and had no caulking. I caulked it myself and now both hatches are bone dry even when submerged. This should have been done at the factory and looks bad on the manufacturer.

  • Poor quality control—made in China.
  • The bottom could be more rigid.
  • The seat is cheap and is already starting to fray on the back rest.


  • Great efficiency, good speed.
  • Nice manageable size, great lines and good looks.
  • Good initial stability, very good secondary stability.
  • Very good overall design and performance characteristics.
  • Light weight: 45lbs with rudder
Outside of a few quality issues, I am very satisfied with this craft.
Rating: 8/10

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     The CD Vision 150 is the largest of the Vision line and their top "hybrid" or crossover model. Weighing in at a comfortable 45lbs, a weight my wife can easily handle. At 5'10" 180lbs, it was a perfect fit for me, but I was left with the impression that anything bigger than size 10 feet might start to get cramped due to the low deck profile of 12". There is more than ample leg room for much taller paddlers but, the extension beyond the foot pedals was far too generous cutting down on forward storage space - a short coming of this craft. There is probably a good 6" past my fully extended legs before the bulkhead - way too much wasted space which could be used for much needed storage.

The 15' version has an excellent ratio of length vs width allowing for good efficiency and decent speed, but certainly not up to par with a fast, full fledged sea kayak. An easy going, relaxed paddle rate was equivalent to a fast paced walk. A steady paddle rate of 60 to 70 strokes per minute would probably equal a slow jog. (calm water) I am very satisfied with the efficiency of this yak. It reaches cruising speed quite fast and has decent glide characteristics.

As a novice I am limited in my ability to render an in-depth review, but I would rate the initial stability as good and secondary stability as very good. The craft handled well in 2' swells and white caps-- confidence inspiring for a relative novice. The rudder is a great accessory but, there can be a tendency to over use it as a substitute for good technique. While you certainly don't need it to track straight, it does help on turns. Perhaps this is why it is standard on the 150 series and an option on the shorter 140 model.

There was a very, very small amount of water which managed to leak through the rear bulkhead, probably through the steering lines. This occurred in rough water and while I would have preferred a perfectly dry compartment, it was not enough to concern me. The front hatch which was continually bombarded and at times submerged in water was bone dry, probably due to the double hatch cover.

  • Good efficiency, decent speed.
  • Good glide and start up speed.
  • Very good overall handling characteristics.
  • Feather weight, solid construction.
  • Well balanced proportions due to a slightly longer length.
  • The best tracking model in the Vision line, & Sleek good looks - that's important!


  • Made in China (didn't know that at the time of purchase)
  • Rather cheap seat though it is comfortable.
  • Limited storage, probably only good for weekends.
  • No day hatch (a good thing when you have limited bulkhead storage)
  • Needs a paddle holder and a drink holder. (a water bottle 'pouch' on a spray skirt would be ideal)
  • Foot pedal steering as opposed to a high end dog pedal where your feet are locked.
While I love the craft, I should say that this is not my dream boat. I purchased it because it fit me perfectly, weighed next to nothing, looked sleek and pretty and I bought it used at a good price trusting the 'Current Designs' name. The 8/10 rating reflects it's grading for the class of kayak it represents - "hybrid" not sea kayak class.

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