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Reviews for Mirage i14T Kayak by Hobie Cat Company

Rated: 7.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

Mirage i14T Kayak by Hobie Cat Company

Length: 14' 0" - Width: 36.00" - Starting at: $2799.00
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Submitted by: Joel P.Send Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     I bought an iT14 Sep 2014. The first day a seat attachment point popped off. The seller said that happens after years in storage, it was new old stock from 2010! The next day the mast step and all the other glued on points popped off! (-3 quality +1 for warranty) Still had fun but took it back. They handled warranty claim for a new 2014 hull.

Bad: New design lacks the fwd dry storage & raised bow but came with bigger rudder which is needed. (-1) it may weigh a few lbs less but we need the storage. Very heavy & hard to fit in bag with the wheels barely useable on smooth concrete.

Good: comfortable, fun and great with the peddle drive. Nice paddles and seats w/ some storage on back.

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Submitted by:
Rating: 8 of 10

     This inflatable kayak is for two, how ever it can easily be handled by one. You can paddle it or peddle it (Mirage Drive)or sail it. The Mirage Drive (Peddle) is wonderful and frees your hand for fishing etc. The sailing option is OK, but being an inflatable it sits on top of the water and on windy days it gets blown about. when sailing leave the peddle in to act as a keel. It is very stable and one can stand in it for casting. Do not think that this inflatable is a toy. I have done serious kayaking and fishing in this in the ocean. As a sailing vessel, however I must confess it acts more like a toy. Over all for a general purpose kayak I strongly recommend this.
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