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Reviews for Tarpon 120 Ultralite Kayak by Wilderness Systems

Rated: 7.83/10 Based On: 6 Reviews

Tarpon 120 Ultralite Kayak by Wilderness Systems

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Submitted by: KKSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I live on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. I started paddling here on Kauai, and before I purchased my Wilderness Adventure 120 UltraLite, I rented every kind of kayak available here (approx. 15 - 20 different kinds).

My Ultralite is the BEST KAYAK for me out of all the ones I rented! I like to paddle out in the Bay, and she handles so well, I surf the waves! I do not know of another kayak that is as fast, responds as well, and is great out in the open ocean and the rivers as well! Another added bonus for the ladies out there, this is so lite, that I can carry it around by myself, and load & unload on /from my vehicle by myself!!!

I LOVE my Wilderness 120 ultralite! I am training right now to paddle down the NaPali Coast, AND paddle back up!!!

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Submitted by: Cynthia MoonSend Email
Rating: 3 of 10

     Now see, I am a woman, and I am v-e-r-y disappointed in this kayak. I moved "up" from a Venus (9'10" SOT made for a woman), which I loved loved LOVED, very maneuverable, is almost like "one" with one's body, one is right there "in" the element... so sad, this Tarpon Ultralite 12. Too long to be maneuverable in tight spots, slim rivers/streams; too bulky, like having a Cadillac in a bar room, doesn't turn fast, etc etc. I turned over in it at least 4 times trying to get it back over waves on the ocean in Sebastian Inlet S.P. yesterday. All my gear fell out many times, had to chase it down in over-my-head water. Also cant get back into it in water over my waist. Very, very, disappointed with this boat. I suppose somebody might want to FISH in it... or do things that are slow-moving... but again, for my exploratory / fun uses, such as estuaries, tributaries, Florida "whitewater" and small streams, and 'surfing' in the ocean ... it's not suitable really.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     As a tiny woman, the kayak is perfect. It's light, not overly wide on the inside, and tracks well. Because of it's outside width, I do have to move forward of the seat, and slide back onto it when getting on the kayak. It tracks well, looks great and seems to ride rougher water well. I will try it in the gulf waters soon, and post my results. A good choice for a woman, and great for a man, as my boyfriend finds the kayak enjoyable to ride as well.
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Submitted by: Jack FloydSend Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     I've been paddling a Tarpon 12 ultralight in Texas streams and marshes for about 2.5 years. Very nice design and tracks well for a 12 ft. boat, and the 45 lb (approx.) weight is a delight to load and unload. Despite its obvious virtues, I'm getting ready to move on to a heavier (groan) conventionally fabricated boat. The reason is that this yak is too fragile to stand up to an occasional bump from a rock or the inevitable grinding over oyster shell that one encounters in Texas marshes and bays. I developed a lateral split in the keel of my boat recently from some unidentifiable event. I did not know the hole was their until I sank in a marsh.
Great boat for looks and handling-not good for rough work.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Nice kayak much as the reviews for the Tarpon 120. Love how light it is. But I can see it being fragile, wouldn't use it in any rapids or near any rocks.
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Submitted by: paddlepackSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     very light yak (43 lbs without rudder); stable, tracks good, easy to ding hull in ul layup - care should be taken; storage ok, nice looking yak in yellow, would buy again, very pleased with yak.
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