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Reviews for Bending Branches Sunrise GS kayak paddle

Rated: 8.4/10 Based On: 5 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     I never realized how tiring it was to use my old aluminum paddle until I got this one. The lighter weight of the fiberglass shaft and flex is comfortable for longer paddles. Blade design propels the boat efficiently and with my added yak grips I have never had a blister (knock wood). This paddle was in my price range ($90) so you can get a paddle upgrade without breaking the bank.
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Submitted by: PaulSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     This paddle is very nice for recreational kayaking. I have not yet used it on a multiday trip or on open water, but i have used it on an overnight trip. What i really like about it is the grip it has. it has this sort of ribbed design that prevents your hands from sliding around when the paddle gets wet. What i DONT like about it is that there is not a crease in the paddle blade. I used to use my other paddle (that had the crease) to "grab" the bow of a friends boat and steal his momentum to fly past him in the water. so that's my non issue. Great Paddle!
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Rating: 8 of 10

     This paddle does everything that a mid-level recreational paddle should without completely breaking the bank.

The blades are stiff enough for good power without flutter or excessive flex and they've held up very well through an entire summer of launch push-offs in sand, mud, and rocks. The drip rings generally stay put and function well, the push-button latch/release operates smoothly, and the connection joint is smooth, snug, and wiggle-free. The light weight and nice finish of the fiberglass shaft is an added bonus. Even with my fairly small hands, the shaft diameter is quite nice.

The only fault I've found so far is that use without grip wrap, Yakgrips, or gloves will definitely result in blisters and the shaft tends to get really slippery when wet.

This paddle is a very nice upgrade from a cheap, basic 2-piece and is well worth extra the money. It should give years of happy paddling!

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Submitted by: twilightbloom
Rating: 9 of 10

     I love this paddle. At first I bought the Bending Branches Whisper. I wrote a review about it. I hated the diameter on that one. I wanted to stick with the same brand because of the good performance. This Sunrise paddle is lightweight and easy to use. It gets you moving through the water. The diameter was perfect for my hands. I had Yakgrips on so I can't tell you if it gives blisters or not. Very strong durable shaft. You get the most out of every stroke.
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Rating: 8 of 10

     Just used the Bending Branches new rec paddle Sunrise GS. I purchased it from Austin Canoe and Kayak at the lowest price i have found for $89. A great buy for being fiberglass and having options. I'm very new to the sport, but have found a few things that I do and do not like about this paddle.

Overall I think it is an awesome paddle, it seems to be very strong and has lots of options with the feathering. It is very easy to put together and take apart the two piece shaft with the single push button. The grips built into the shaft are wonderful if you plan on wearing gloves, but if not you will definitely end up with blisters. You can really get a moving with this paddle and it is very light. I have no regrets at all with this paddle, and I highly recommend it.

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