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Reviews for Torque Kayak by Ocean Kayak

Rated: 9.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: FnakamotoSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I love my Torque. I should have bought it before spending money on two non-motorized kayaks before. I love it so much I bought two, one for fishing the waters of Oahu, Hawaii and another for the Puget Sound. Fishing on the Torque has expanded my range significantly, as well as my total fishing time. Before, I had to consider coming in earlier to account for wind and current that typically picks up during the day. I actually doubled my fishing time by adding a second battery, placing in the forward compartment and running a wire to make a complete circuit with two batteries. I never have to worry about losing power on the way back in to shore or exhausting myself paddling against the wind or current To be sure, you have to guard against over-confidence and use good judgment! The motor allows me to fight any kind of fish using two hands while steering with my feet away from breaking waves or reefs or rocks or maintain a steady position against the wind or current over where the fish are biting. With my previous kayaks, I often drifted 50+ yards while landing a fish since i had to let go of my paddle. Now I can remain over a school or hot location without having to paddle. I hope Ocean Kayak resumes making the Torque or, better yet, design and sell an even better motorized kayak!
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Submitted by: debby narey
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have a Torque and I love it. I use it in our lake and at the ocean - trying to find one for my husband - he wants one now!!!
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Submitted by: JBOSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have been paddling / motoring my Torque for quite sometime now.
Ocean Kayak has achieved a perfect blend of performance & safety by starting off from a well known - well proven craft such as the Prowler 13 to design a kayak able to harbor a very well thought electric motor that turns an easy to paddle kayak into a mean paddle-free-leg-rested- hand-free-no-worries at all fishing machine.

The Torque has one main purpose which is to put you into your favorite fishing spot and stay there, the ability to position yourself and "park" the kayak there where until know you were dreaming to be, turns this contraption into something quite unique.

Trolling at the desired speed regardless of current & winds (with moderation) is now here, Forward & Reverse variable speed aided by a massive rudder allows you to turn the kayak on its own radius while holding your position in those confused waters where anchors, peddle propelled kayaks or conventional wouldn't work. The history of kayak fishing will be known as Before the Torque and After the Torque.

Maneuverability, carrying capacity, simplicity in its design it all ads up for one well thought craft. Ocean Kayak has done a lot of homework on their Quality Control Department also and that shows on this carefully built kayak.

There is no compromise on the Torque's design; safety features are all there, rigging possibilities are as broad as your imagination, traditional performance without the motor is as good as any regular P13 and when you move from paddle to motor you know you own one of the best kayak in the market today.

I have heard some negative remarks on the weight, etc. I find all those very arguable: 70 pounds bare, close to 90 when fully rigged, there are so many options to carry a kayak nowadays that weight shouldn't be anyone's first concern.

I for one, have ventured to places where I wouldn't have otherwise, covering a lot of water by paddling and motoring or, motoring / paddling or one of either, it is your choice! One good battery 12V Group 24 Deep Cycle 65 amp/h should give you up to 6 hours of "fishing time", one good Wally battery charger (the one that switches from charging to maintenance) are a good choice, skimming on these might pose a poor performance afterwards so, shell out some dough once only!.

The Ocean Kayak Torque brings, IMHO, a new era for many folks that would love to be on the water but have some dysfunctional body part(s) like myself. Invite yourself to a Torque & enjoy a lazy day on the pond, take pictures, talk on the phone, relax & enjoy your outing with no worries.

Ocean Kayak Torque, a must-have tool for any serious kayak fisherman is also a very valid option for most kayakers.

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