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Reviews for Starship ICS Canoe by Blackhawk

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     I recently bought a 1989 Starship with the ICS seating system (adjustable sliding seat) in the gold layup (kevlar) from the original owner. Unfortunately, it did not come with the canted cane seat. It originally came with a tractor seat, but it was too small for me and the original owner rigged up a webbed seat using the original frame. It works fine. The seat really needs to be in the high position for kneeling, unless you are used to kneeling very low and your ankles can tolerate it. On the other hand, for sitting it needs to be positioned in the lower slot. I find the boat becomes too unstable when sitting in the higher position.

This is a fast canoe and handles very well with both single and double paddle, but I admit I need to put it more time to get to know it better. I felt it turns quickly, but it needs leaning.

This boat can handle a big guy with a big load and I think it would be a good down river boat as well as a good lake tripper.

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Submitted by: TedSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I am writing about a used Blackhawk Starship I acquired about six years ago to meet my need for a solo BWCA tripping boat. I have done several BWCA trips in this boat and love how it paddles and meets my needs. My boat is maroon, and has the ICS system (ICS = Integrated Component System) with canted, cane seat.

Previous to this boat I did all my solo BWCA trips in a Blackhawk Zephyr. However, after surviving the BWCA Independence Day storm of 1999 I decided I needed a bigger boat that could more easily haul my packs as well as handle bigger lake waves. I put out a "wanted ad" for the Starship and was fortunate to find one in excellent condition.

I love my Starship for a couple reasons. First, it is a fine paddling boat, one that responds to leans and body english well. Second, it handles big water under load well. Only once have I had it shipping small amounts of water in what were really somewhat extreme conditions. Finally, I have modeled the boat to better meet my needs, but I also take pride in owning and paddling a boat that is essentially a collector's item since Blackhawk Canoe Company has long been disbanded.

If you ever come across one of these boats I can highly recommend it. I didn't give it a "10" because it is a tad heavy in its current layup. This is a great boat and I have no regrets about owning it. You won't either if you chance upon one...

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