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Submitted by: GilSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I have been paddling for just under a year. I already broke one paddle and have tried many boats so I feel I have a pretty good rookie opinion on many items. When looking into replacing the paddle that I broke, I wanted to look into greenland style paddles since some people really like them. I met the manufacturer of the paddle and he provided a couple to try and see which one would best fit me. Then he would manufacture one for me based on my style of paddling and personal preferences.

Well, the greenland paddles are a unique paddle. No two paddle alike. They are also very, very strong and surprisingly light! The stroke is not the same stroke you would use for the euro style paddle. It's an entire different technique. the paddle does make any trip easier since they are so light. They also float better since they are made of wood so if you are learning to roll or simply, brace or float sideways in your boat, the greenland paddle provides better flotation aid than the commercially available paddles.

I am still very comfortable using the euro paddle since it's what I first learn to use kayaking, but I can see how after some time using the greenland paddles, I may only carry the euro paddle as a spare and only use the greenland.

I would give the paddle a 10, but they lose a point since they are one piece and not easy to transport and they also take a little time to master the stroke.
OK... Maybe a 9.5!

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