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Reviews for Kokatat Storm Cag (Tropos)

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     I have had my Kokatat Storm Cag made with Tropos material for 1 year now. About 1/2 the gear I buy falls into the "I could have lived without this category" This cag is not in that category. It is awesome. I have zero complaints. If it's raining it acts like a shell, if it's a little cold it's a great back up and allows you to have something for anybody that may get cold. If it's really cold it gives you most of the advantages of climbing into a tent, only it's warmer. The bright color is great for standing out. This is esp true in high boat traffic areas, and during hunting season. There is no better way to increase your visibility than wear one of these. The reflective tape and hand warmers are nice also. The workmanship is top of the line. When I wear my dry suit, and it gets real cold, I put this over what I have on and it has an amazing warming effect.

Kokatat makes this in goretex pack light, and tropos materials. The goretex is a lot more money, and I actually prefer the tropos. The pack light material I have in my other gear will absorb water on the outside and give a noticeable evaporative cooling effect. Water just rolls off the tropos material, and it is still breathable. Tropos is probably not as breathable as Goretex under ideal circumstances, but considering what you use this item for I do not think its so important or a factor at all. I think the goretex will not breath very well if at all when it is soaked. The tropos material used on this cag will not get soaked. The water just rolls off. The one size fits all factor is handy. I highly recommend this if you paddle in cold weather.

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