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Reviews for Carlisle Beavertail 54" Canoe Paddle

Rated: 8.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 7 of 10

     I have the 62" version of the Carlisle Beaverail. Overall, it's a nice paddle for the price; I think I paid $42 for it about 2 years ago.
The blade is nominally 7.5" wide and 25" long(tip to throat). It's a simple three piece lay up paddle. I couldn't say what wood it's made out of, but it has a simple tight grain and is blond.

The pros: It's a light paddle for it's size and pedigree. The shaft and blade give, which really help make those long days easier on the ol' body. The blade is reasonably thin and travels through the water well during underwater recoveries. It has a nice clean catch and plenty of bite when you want to move along. It does have a basic epoxy dip tip guard.

Cons: The grip isn't uncomfortable, but it isn't very big; it's fairly rudimentary. The finish, while attractive, is brittle which cracks and crazes easily. The wood is somewhat soft, so you'll have a reminder of every rock you accidentally encountered.

Overall, it's a pretty good paddle for the money. I'd definitely replace it if broken or lost. Heck, I'll even take care of it!

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     Traditional style wood paddle
I think it is a great paddle, been using it for 3 yrs. now. It's light at about 23 oz., has a poly tip for some protection, a nice wide powerful 8" blade, and a reasonable if not great price at around $50...

If you have ever paddled with one for 12 hrs. in a day, you will agree that the paddle is very comfortable and minimizes effort, which is a good thing. Just love it!!

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