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Reviews for Marauder XF Kayak by Cobra Kayaks

Rated: 8.5/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Submitted by: NorthpawSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I finally got my hands on one of these after paddling a friends last summer and couldn't be happier. I wanted an offshore boat that had the glide to make multi mile paddles a bit easier yet still had the stability to keep me at ease when big things were tugging me around. In my opinion, this is the best available answer to that tricky combination.

The Marauder sits well in choppy waters with no unsettled feelings whatsoever. Speed wise its comparable to the Tarpon 140, but feels more stable to me. My only concern is the footwell space. With the large rectangular hatch (which gives great access to the hull BTW) between my legs, there doesn't appear to be much room for my size 12's on either side. Once I got in and paddled for a bit I found this to be much less a concern than I thought with no ankle rubbing etc to be found.

Overall this is the boat I have been wanting for years. Easy to rig, and the perfect combo of speed and stability. Excellent job Cobra. I just wish the tales of it being discontinued were false. I'm sure glad I got my hands on this one. I'm not letting go.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Took it out all day for its maiden voyage on Sunday. As has been mentioned it tracks well, a high buoyant ride. Nice looking boat, I've had a few Cobras including a Tourer and an Expedition, and the style is unique.

It does have some hull slap which I didn't expect having read some online reviews to the contrary, but not as bad as a Tourer which is notorious for that. Foot wells are a little narrow but that has been solved with the new upgraded model that still has the same hull design. The other reviewers mentioned it's a heavy carry and that is true, the side handles don't seem balanced.

Despite the few negatives I mentioned, I think I'll be very satisfied with this kayak and it will do what I need to get me out in bigger water for bigger fish. The speed is very decent and doesn't take much effort.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Strengths: Tracks very good, although, mine seems to slip to the right slightly. Stability is also very good. While Iíve only been in very small waves (1 foot) it does not seem to be effected by them at all and I suspect it would handle quite nice in the surf. That is probably because this boat is a solid as a tank.

Weakness: this boat is as solid (and heavy!) as a tank. I canít carry it more than a dozen or so feet without putting it down. Iím used to throwing my 12í Pungo over a shoulder and carrying it 100+ yards to the water. With this boat you must park close to the water or have help with it. Turning is not the best, but itís not awful either.

I have not been fishing with this boat, but I can imagine it would be very good for that because of its stability. There is also a small hatch right in front of the seat which is very convenient to put small gadgets or snacks. Thereís tons of room for gear and the specs say it handles nearly 500lbs. I got mine with the high back seat (which installs and removes very easily), the "A" hatch in the front and the small "o" hatch in front of the seat. The large "A" hatch provides excellent access to the cargo space below deck. I am able to store several paddles and life jackets in the space. I do not however have a hatch in the rear and I believe it could be very valuable to have.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     A green monster at over 14 ft tracks extremely well but doesn't turn to save your life. Would probably be better off with a rudder system. Stability is unmatched comparable to a Wilderness Systems ride. Lots of cargo space and deck space for accessories and rod holders. Fantastic on ocean waves. A dream to paddle even though its pretty heavy. Not a solo carry kayak by any means.
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