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Reviews for Nissan Thermos French Coffee Press

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     I am a coffee addict, I just can't function without several cups in the morning and enjoy a few cups in the afternoon no matter what the weather. When I first started camping I tried the horrible instant coffee and quickly bought a small percolator which was troublesome at best and very inconvenient.

I was complaining to a fellow addict when he suggested I take his Thermos Nissan French Press on my upcoming trip. I did and as soon as I returned I ordered one of my own.

This is an easy to use stainless steel beauty and in a very few minutes after you boil a liter of water you have several wonderful cups of coffee. It is easy to use, easy to clean and keeps the coffee hot. I grind enough beans for the trip at home and I am now a happy camper.

The downside is that it is bulkier than a small jar of instant coffee but unbreakable and worth the extra room. The other is that when your mates find out you have this press expect having to make an extra pot in the morning.

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