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Reviews for Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation (3rd)

Rated: 6.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Submitted by: tvcriderSend Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     "Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation" by David Burch was the first publication I purchased on sea kayak navigation. Why? Because I was told by several instructors that it is the ‘standard’. Well, Mr Burch’s book makes for a decent desktop reference guide on kayak navigation (i.e. if you want to know more about a particular navigation topic). However, if you want to learn sea kayak navigation this book is not well organized (see Bohemia’s comments below) and is a very difficult read (i.e. high snooze factor). Since this book is supposed to be the 'Gold Standard', I can only give it a '6'. I would strongly suggest "Simple Kayak Navigation" by Ray Killan as a much better book on the topic.
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Rating: 7 of 10

     Everyone will tell you, David Burch's book is the standard, a must read. I say: a difficult read, at times more like a laundry list than a book. Repays the reader's good will with more and more detail, poorly organized. Some good tricks to be learned (e.g. measuring degrees by finger width), some worth leaving out (the kamal). Kudos for sheer comprehensiveness and the honor that comes with being first. With proper editing, this could be an excellent book. For many years it was the only game in town. Franco Ferrero says the same thing in 1/10 the space (nice photocopyable tables too). Lee Moyers' book gets the nod for useful, practical tips and all-round readability. And if you've been good, reward yourself with John Dowd's pleasant DVD as a treat. I give this book 7 out of 10, the same way I'd grade it a C if it were a student paper. Hopefully a future edition will clean house.
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