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Reviews for Sea Clipper Canoe by Clipper Canoes

Rated: 9.86/10 Based On: 7 Reviews

Sea Clipper Canoe by Clipper Canoes

Length: 18' 6" - Starting at: $1895.00
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Rating: 10 of 10

     Our family lives in the PNW and regularly uses the Sea Clipper for both weekend and extended paddling trips. It's very comfortable and handles well in bad weather. We are able to take several week trips easily and take two adults and two kids in the canoe plus all of our gear, food, and water. We have an old fiberglass version which is around 80 pounds. I can fairly easily carry the canoe on my shoulders and put it on the car. We love this canoe so much that we are thinking of selling it and getting a newer lighter kevlar version. We retro-fitted ours with loops so that we can attach a spray deck on to it, which dramatically increases it bad weather worthiness.
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Submitted by: Robert (wayne) Elliott
Rating: 10 of 10

     I am not a white water canoeist but would take the fiberglass Sea Clipper out on any BIG lake and have. With a full load of gear for one month tripping it has always been out front, handles well and will head to where you point it, also carries well on portages.
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Submitted by: gkjSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My wife and I are aredent paddlers and we own a 17' prospector that is getting rather old in the tooth. We decided to purchase a new canoe and after much deliberation and testing, picked the Sea Clipper by Clipper Canoes. We have just returned from our maiden voyage on Clearwater/Azure lakes where we put our Sea Clipper through it's paces. First, we loaded it to the gunwales and paddled 14 km to the our campsite. The Canoe was smooth and fast. We covered the distance effortlessly mainly because the tracking was excellent requiring few correction strokes. That afternoon, the wind picked up and produced some decent waves, approx. 2-3' from trough to crest. We took the canoe out empty and played in the waves. The boat responded well to oncoming waves and broadside waves. We felt very safe and in control. Finally, we took the canoe up the Azure river, swollen from spring melt and recent rain and running quite fast. The Sea Clipper did very well crossing eddy lines and riding standing waves. It kept it's head in cross currents. Overall, we are very happy with this boat and highly recommend it to anyone who requires a big boat for extended trips in big water.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought a kevlar Sea Clipper in May 2003. Since then I have had it on two extended trips and regular day trips. It is a great canoe.

The Sea Clipper is fast. It has a superb glide and distances are easily covered. The sliding bow seat makes trimming the canoe easy and can be done quickly to suit the weather conditions. I appreciate the tractor seats as they are very comfortable (no extra padding necessary).

The Sea Clipper is at its best in waves. It retains most of its glide and rides dry through a choppy lake. In fact, we always gain ground on the other canoes in our group when the wind comes up and there are a few whitecaps. The flare at the bow helps keep water out of the canoe. On the Bowron Lakes we faced a stiff headwind, whitecaps and gusting winds. Out of the five canoes in our group the Sea Clipper and an 18 foot Grumman were the only two boats not forced to shore. The light weight of kevlar and comfortable portage yoke on this canoe makes the portage trail most endurable.

Maneuverability is good for a canoe that is 18.5 feet long. There is enough rocker that turning is adequate. I paddle solo in this canoe often and it is extremely stable kneeling in the middle, and it leans well when paddled. The kevlar is warm to touch and silent in the water.

It does lack a little initial stability when paddled empty. However, the Sea Clipper seems at ease when paddled fast with a load. It makes for an exceptional wilderness canoe. I highly recommend it!

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Submitted by: GIS
Rating: 10 of 10

     When I bougth Sea Clipper 7 months ago I was looking for stable,high volume family canoe. I was amazed how fast it is even heavy loaded and how it maneuver easy loaded.Seaworthness is Excellent. I love the Sea Clipper and give it higest rating as family and expedition canoe.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 9 of 10

     This was my first canoe 3 yrs ago, a fiberglass 74 lbs. Tracks super, perfect balance. Fastest canoe I've been in. High initial stability,shallow arch hull, performs river maneuvers admirably as no keel. High bow and stern catch wind if unloaded, no problem if packed or on rivers. 1100 lbs. w/6" freeboard. Have done Grade 3 tandem, but also takes my wife, 5 yr. old son and Labrador on flatwater. Dry boat. Comfortable bucket seats. Learned to solo in this big canoe. I now solo a 15'9" prospector (kevlar ultralite/S-glass)up to Grade 3 but luv SeaClipper's "user-friendliness" and won't sell.
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Submitted by: Rick KozakSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     The Sea Clipper was designed by Eugene Jenson for Western Canoeing. I am thinking of buying one. Interested in good tracking and tripping.
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