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Reviews for Beyond The Cockpit w Derek Hutchison DVD

Rated: 9.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Rating: 10 of 10

     I will add my vote for this video. Another plus is the presence of Wayne Horodowich, also an expert kayaker, who co-teaches with Derek.
If you can, take the class with Derek if he is in your area. He taught "Beyond the Cockpit" through Seattle Raft and Kayak, in Seattle, recently, which I took. The class, along with the video as a back up and reminder, are both powerful teaching tools, if, that is, you practice practice practice.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     I agree with previous reviewer. This is a wonderful video and worth the money. If anything else it is very entertaining, Derek has a great sense of humor.
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Submitted by: cooldoctor1Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     What a priceless video. New paddlers with enjoy the confidence building of the father or modern day sea kayaking, Derek Hutchinson. He helps the unseasoned sea kayaker conquer the most primal of fears: the tippy kayak. He starts at square one, explaining everyones fears in a narrow beamed yak, and goes on to display, in a step-by-step fashion, the means of getting over the fears. Hence the title: Beyond the Cockpit, which teaches a paddler to reach out beyond their balance point. For the intermediate and seasoned paddler, the time spent with Derek on this DVD (he is the only person on it, basically) is invaluable in that you can study his subtle ways of balance and paddle use. It is a long DVD, relatively, and it bears repeated watching to catch the nuances and instruction. Derek is truly a wonderful speaker, full of wit and wisdom, like a grandfather teaching you all the ways to manipulate the boat (rather than the boat manipulating the paddler). This DVD is not about cockpit outfitting, roll training, etc; it is all about balance, edging, carves, and boat control. Derek will teach you, in the end, how to balance with one paddle and tip your hat to shoreline onlookers, all without batting an eye or becoming a "swimmer", as he tells it. Entertainment vaue is superb. Intermediate and seasoned paddlers will appreciate Dereks skills, and can replay segments to learnfrom watching his paddle and boat control. Much less expensive than a single lesson with a private instructor, and you can watch this time and time again. I deducted onme point only for the production quality which, while watchable, is sometimes a tad cloudy and the sound can vary volumes at time. Seems to be a one cameraman plus Derek in front of it. For me, of all the Univ of Sea kayaking DVDs, this one is the best (although the others have different purposes).
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