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Reviews for Phoenix 120 Kayak by Hurricane Kayaks

Rated: 8/10 Based On: 7 Reviews

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Rating: 8 of 10

     I bought the Phoenix with fishing in mind. It is very stable, and comfortable enough to spend hours on the water. I added a high back/padded after market seat (recommended). The hatch will fit small dry bags, and the rear cargo area holds plenty of gear. On a recent trip I carried a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and food for several days back there and the boat remained stable. This boat weighs about 40lbs, much lighter than many SOT kayaks designed for fishing.

The only criticism I have is about the scupper holes. They are large and water rushes up through the front scupper when I paddle. I can plug the hole with a Ocean Kayak large scupper plug, but then paddle drips do not drain out. As a result, I frequently find myself plugging the hole to move, then unplugging it to drain. As a result of water I am reluctant to use it in cold weather.

The Hurricane Phoenix is recommended for paddling or fishing in warm water/warm weather circumstances or when weight of the kayak is a consideration.

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Rating: 7 of 10

     Tried out the Phoenix 120. I am 5'7 190 lbs. I know I am large but I have paddled a Tarpon 120 and had no problem. On the Phoenix I felt it was to narrow for me. I liked having more boat around me and the Phoenix did not measure up to that. If you want to just paddle, it may be fine, but I also like more storage space and felt the Phoenix just wasn't equipped for all my stuff.
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Rating: 9 of 10

     Get this kayak if you want a light (38 lb, for real) quick, responsive SOT made of strong, beautiful Trylon that is flat out FUN in calm water, rivers Class I & II, or doing moderate surf. The Phoenix 120 is no barge w. paddle skills (even if those are coming along - very beginner friendly) Sweep it 180 degrees w. one stroke, throw some bow and cross bow rudders, lean and edge - just like a SINK. Get thigh straps & explore the boundaries further :D

The aft storage well is more than ample for a medium drybag, small backpack, hydration pack & 12 can cooler - and more - all so easy to stow & go. Plenty of room in the forward section providing your drybag or gear can thread the 5" Beckson hatch. I keep a light jacket, the boat's 1.5 lbs anchor, and a first aid kit in there.

I bought a used Phoenix 120 dated July 2006. With some moderate cleaning it returned to like new condition, another plus for Trylon. The 2010 Phoenix 120 has a 10" tupperware hatch btw. so even more gear will fit through. It also has footrails & pegs, altho I'm loving the barefoot feeling of the footwells. Coming from the avid seakayaker side of experience I was very surprised at how well the Phoenix 120 tracked - barely any nose bobble at all. So easy to keep up w. rec and transitional-sized kayaks on a river paddle. This is not a barge!

as to fit - I am a female 5'3" and 117 lbs. There is room for sure for someone up to 5'9"- maybe more- who is hwp. Be under, oh, 170 lbs or go up a size or two - Hurricane offers four lengths. Got this boat on a whim for a change up from my SINKS. It's a blast on rivers, lakes ... very surfable too, at least on moderate Lake Michigan surf.

Didn't use scupper plugs for the first few river runs, plenty dry. This SOT takes the large size. I made my own seat & backband from 3/4 inch closed cell foam covered in neoprene fabric. SOTs are very fun to customize. At my size and torso height a 230 cm paddle is perfect. Fun in the sun, tan legs, no skirt, no pump, no problem mon! Try one!

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Rating: 5 of 10

     I bought a used Phoenix 120 that was in very good condition over the internet without ever trying one out. I thought that it would be great to have a 12' boat that only weighs 38 lbs. When it arrived, it just looked small, both in length and volume. I measured it from bow to stern and discovered that it was only 11' 3", not the 12' as advertised on Hurricane's website, and this one. The cockpit was too small for me. I'm 5'10" and 180 lbs. Before ordering the boat I spoke with the people at Hurricane and was told that it would easily accommodate someone of my size. Not true. This is a small boat that should only be considered by kids and women. Hurricane should change its name to the Phoenix 113 and advertise it for what it is. I'm selling it.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     I've been looking for the perfect SOT, all terrain kayak for about 6 months. Tried Ocean Kayaks, Cobra, BIC, Hobie, Heritage even the Kestrel SOT 140, and the phoenix 120 was the best. SuperLight and balanced weight, really fast for its size (even faster than some longer kayaks), stable and looks and feels like an expensive boat. Great tracking, good in the surf. Few times I've felt so happy with a purchase.
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Rating: 8 of 10

     I bought a Phoenix 12 for my 11 yr olds Christmas present. The main reason I chose the Phoenix was its light weight. I paddle a Prowler 15 and at the end of the day I didnít want to be lifting two barges on top of my Tahoe. I finally got a chance to take it out for a spin and I was impressed. Itís a nice ride. Itís fast and slick on the water. Turns and maneuvers well but its forward speed really impressed me.

Very stable, fast, easy to lift, comfortable seat area. (Some people commented on the hump but I didnít notice it at all). Foot wells are like the OK, the tank well is good sized and will fit a milk crate (but not itís close to the prowlerís aircraft carrier size well).

It wetter then my OK, the seat doesnít have any scupper holes. If you get water in the seat it stays there. The front hatch has no storage space you might fit a small dry bag in there (the 14 has good size).

My kid has hit a few oyster bars and the trilon scratches up just like roto plastic itís not that big a deal for me. It can be drilled into without problems and rigged any way you chose. I have never used a rudder so I canít comment on that.

Overall I give it an 8 and would definitely buy it again.

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Rating: 9 of 10

     Very light, TRYLON is NICE!!! My 9 year old son accompanied me on an 11 mile trek down Contentnea Creek in Eastern NC. Strewn with blow downs and stumps, he had no problem maneuvering the obstacles. It's not the straightest tracking boat, but the weight savings makes up for it. I surfed some Hurricane Irene induced waves off the coast of Camp Lejeune this summer, she handled great. Definitely a seaworthy boat for rec, some fishing, and fitness.
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