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Reviews for Penobscot 186 Canoe by Old Town Canoe

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: LECOBBSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I love this boat, it works well with trolling motor or paddle. I used it for fishing in Lake Lynn in Raleigh, NC.
It fished Harris Lake in New Hill,NC. It was a Great Big Canoe and it lasted 4 years without a problem. I would buy another one in a minute if Old Town still made this canoe.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I also did the Allagash in a 186. We found it to be surprisingly stable while doing Chase rapids much so that I actually found myself standing for a better look several times. The previous writer is correct in that it isn't as fast as a Tripper XL but it's a foot and half shorter than that boat. Longer boats are naturally faster. Carrying capacity is more than needed for a week long trip (sans the beer). Some people complain that the Penobscot doesn't turn well but if it's leaned as it should be and given the correct strokes it turns easily. I've paddled it on open water in mild wind and found it to be responsive enough to keep out of trouble. I'm not sure I'd try it alone on a really windy day though. I'm very happy with this boat as far as tracking and handling with two people in heavy wind.
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Rating: 8 of 10

     I took this boat down the Allagash River in 04' and it performed well for what we put it through. After a little modification (removed the center seat put in makeshift thwart) we ran chase rapids (moderate class II) with empty boat, the Penobscot oil-canned quit a bit. After loading the boat with about 1000lbs of gear, food, and beer and me, 200lbs and my partner of equal size the boat was a little tippy. We made a few adjustments with our load and we were good for the rest of the ride. The secondary stability was very helpful when things got rough, and I felt well in control of the boat. Speed was not an issue but I was hard pressed to keep up with a fully loaded XL Tripper, those things a machine when it has some weight in it. I think I'll try the 17'2" Tripper next year.
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