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Reviews for Eckla Compact Kayak Cart

Rated: 8/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     I've used my one with no problems- I secured my fully laden Capella RM166 to it and had to pull it a 1/4 mileover stony/muddy/undulating ground, then over sand(quite "sinky") and into the water before dismantling it and stowing it away and setting off. It performed brilliantly and at my campsite I had to re-attach it and pull it up a steep cobbled beach for 150 yards, again no problems. The cart does tend to move about even when fully tightened, but over that terrain and not truly,permanently attached to the hull what can you expect! Think the previous reviewer was unlucky. Being in Scotland though I think I will try and make one for the soft sandy beaches of St Andrews and the east coast- probably out of an old golf trolley as they have pretty wide wheels which will cope with sand better. The Eckla at least is stowable- if I make one with fat wheels it won't be so I guess compromises have been made between use and storage.
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Rating: 7 of 10

     I purchased an Eckla Compact Kayak Cart for $130 US. The carts are from Germany and are distributed thorough PRIJON / Wild Wasser. It has an all aluminum frame, two pneumatic all terrain wheels (without bearings) nylon webbing straps with quick release buckles, and a kickstand. The frame folds down small enough to fit into my 10 inch forward hatch and I stored the wheels in my rear oval hatch. Total weight 5.9 lbs.

My first time out I secured my boat to the cart, towed my kayak about 3 blocks on pavement, it performed nicely. I got to the sand and it was considerably harder to pull and felt quite tippy. I believe this is due to the narrowness of the cart (22.25 wide). I crossed the beach to the waters edge and had a nice paddle.

On the return trip I secured my boat to the cart again started across the beach only to have the cart slide to the rear of my boat and my boat hit the sand. I re-tightened the straps and the quick release buckle snapped in half. I tied a knot in the webbing and had an interesting time crossing the beach. I shouldered my boat the rest of the way across the pavement. I did not want to risk having my boat fall off the cart and hit the asphalt.

I returned the cart a few days later.

Since the price did not match the quality of this product Id give it a zero. But because it did get me to the water Ill give it a 5 out of 10.

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