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Reviews for Werner Shuna Carbon Bent Shaft Paddle

Rated: 9.75/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Rating: 10 of 10

     I plan to follow this up, but so far this paddle is outstanding. I've been out with it twice, and it makes my boat (Necky Manitou 14), which I've always loved, feel faster and more agile. I've been using a high angle style the last 2 years after buying the Brent Reitz DVD, and I've liked my Aquabound carbon StingRay, but there's no comparison.

If there is a drawback, it's that I crash -- hard -- at the end of the day when I'm home and the boats are put away. That used to happen a lot earlier in the day with other boats and other paddles. Bottom line -- this paddle is worth the price, and it looks beautiful.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     If you've never paddled with a high-end paddle before you owe it to yourself to try one out. I'm very happy with my Shuna and would recommend it to anyone. You'll soon forget the sting of the high price and enjoy the pleasure of a really good paddle for many years. If you look around and you're patient, you can probably find a 20% off deal somewhere. I waited for REI to have one of their "20% off any one item" sales. The bent shaft took a little getting used to, but as with the above reviewer, it was not really an issue. The combination of the light weight and the bent shaft has made paddling much more comfortable for my 49 year old body, and I'm paddling much faster and longer than I ever have before.
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Rating: 9 of 10

     The Werner Shuna in my quiver is a straight shaft fiberglass model, and I find it to be a superb paddle. As the prior reviewer noted, it is a high angle paddle, but has a slightly smaller blade area than, for instance, the Corryvrecken (which I also own). My two Shunas, 215 cm and 210cm, are the workhorses of my quiver of paddles, and tend to be the ones I use most frequently. They are the most forgiving of the high angle Werners on the joints, esp the shoulders, which can really get rocked with a large area paddle and high angle style over a long day of paddling. The Shuna pulls less water per stroke—speed is not quite as high, but you can paddle longer. The fiberglass is transparent, orange, and really does seem to be lightweight (although the carbon fiber is a tad lighter at much greater expense). The need for varying feather angles is especially key for high angle paddling and wind, and the adjustable ferrule is rock solid and very handy. Although I own a several Werners, for an overall great high angle paddle, I give the nod to the Shuna. One point deducted because of the price, which I find high for all Werner products. Keep and eye out for this paddle on eBay or classifieds. Paddle on.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     After agonizing over the myriad choices of paddles available and reading all the recent magazine reviews, I decided to stick with Werner since I am very pleased with my Sidekick whitewater paddle. The Werner website suggested a 215 cm length for my 6'1" height and 23.5" wide Dagger Specter 15.5 and the paddle seems to fit well. I wanted to finally try a bent shaft paddle, but was concerned about the adjustment period for the new grip. However, during my first miles with the new paddle, I found it to be a non-issue. Though I was tempted to get the larger blade Ikelos or Corryvrecken, my preference was long distance cruising comfort rather than top acceleration or racing. The Shuna seems to fit the bill perfectly. It is extremely light and I fully expect it to live up to Werner's bulletproof reputation.
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