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Reviews for Revenge Kayak by Seda

Rated: 8.5/10 Based On: 14 Reviews

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Submitted by: JWSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I love my Seda Revenge. I've owned her for 5 years now, and she is the perfect kayak for me. When I go out on Lake Erie from my home just south of Buffalo, on a summer day, I'm the only one who can actually get IN the water. I carry my snorkeling gear, an anchor tied to the bow handle, and I tether my paddle - so I am fully equipped to paddle out like the wind, drop the anchor, go over the side and snorkel - while everyone else is stuck in sit-in kayaks, roasting.

It's fun to go out in waves, and it was also fun to learn to track and steer using only stroke and leaning. She's fast, effortless to paddle, and I've taken overnight trips. This boat is so fun to go out in any weather, because I don't have to worry about capsizing, I just climb back in.

Fun, fast, well built - the perfect snorkeling kayak. I only use my sit-in when the water is below 60 deg.

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Submitted by: rolfedhSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My fellow paddlers are under the misapprehension that the bottom of the cockpit has a drain or scupper. In fact, removing the plug from this aperture activates an automatic water ballast feature. Even while paddling forward at a decent clip, approximately 3 to 4 inches of water slowly flow into the cockpit, immersing one's groin and derriere, until equilibrium is reached. Those here who complained about this yak being tippy and weathercocking were undoubtedly ignorant of this feature or forgot to use it.
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Submitted by: BruceSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Got my Seda Revenge Kevlar about 2 months ago, bought new, on closeout.
This boat is nicer than I expected, the construction quality is top notch. I have had no problems or complaints. The boat is very responsive and I can travel for miles in it without getting tired. Unlike some other reviewers, I don't find it too tippy, it is perfect for my use (flat water, lake use). That said, it is a lot less stable than the typical roto-molded play kayak. It has great hatches and everything works nicely. I don't see a reason to add a rudder. Overall, I am delighted with this beautiful boat.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought a used kevlar Revenge one month ago, and love it! Yes, it is tippy, and staying upright in heavy ocean swells can be a challenge, but the way I figure it - if I can stay upright on the waves off my local beach, stirred up by hurricanes Katrina and Rita in recent weeks, then I'll do just fine under any other water condition. It's a pleasure to dig in to the water with my paddle, and feel the Revenge get right up to speed, fast. The Revenge does nicely into the wind and with a following wind as well (and my Revenge has no rudder - yet). The best part? I'm no athlete, but I can pick up the Revenge, balance its 45-50 lbs on my head, and walk from house to car, or car to beach (I haven't invested in a kayak-cart yet), and not feel like I'm going to get a hernia or a back/neck-ache. The Revenge is a good choice for anyone looking for a versatile craft that you can "grow into."
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I have had a kevlar with rudder for three years, fast, fast, fast. It took 3 months to feel stable, and still not much fun on a choppy ocean ( just too damn much work to stay upright ), but in flat water, or surfing boat wakes it's a dream. Try paddling it on it's side.
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Submitted by: BuzzSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Seda kevlar revenge. Compared to other sot on market....lighter, faster, better looking and unincombered with extranious design features. Original seat back replaced with high back. Dry! Weighes over 39 lbs, but a lot less than 60 to 65 lb plastics of same length. I love the damned thing! Needs a rudder for open water, windy conditions (as, in my opinion, do all kayaks)
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Submitted by: carbonkayakSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Rudder pedal cables were frayed with strands of sharp wires at the pedals. The sharp wire ends and sharp edged crimp connector cut up my leg. I ended up with many cuts on my wet leg and had to paddle with my knees together. I coated the cable ends and connector with silicone. Poor quality and safety consideration by the manufacturer.
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Submitted by: KenSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Revenge is relatively dry. Back band that came with it is narrow & uncomfortable and low quality. I replaced it with a better higher back support/seat pad. Screw on drain plug must be removed with a screwdriver or a coin. Drain plug can easily be lost (tool or coin too). You are out of luck as you cannot remove the plug with your bare fingers especially when sitting down in the kayak or even on shore. Does not completely self drain when paddling(drain plug removed). Hatches leak.

Some mild steel screws and nuts & bolts installed and rusted quickly. I replaced those with stainless steel. Screws and bolts were too long and would catch on anything placed inside. Plastic fittings broke. Rudder pedals stick and must be pushed hard. Pedals installed too high for my size 10 feet.

Very difficult to bring the rudder up or down. When the rudder is pulled up the rudder cord will strain, the mechanism will stick, the rudder will suddenly release, and the metal rudder will violently and loudly bang on the fiberglass unless the rudder is aligned perfectly straight to fit into the rudder catch mechanism(try to keep the rudder straight while seating in the kayak and tugging and pulling the rudder up.). The fibeglass sill be damaged. I installed a strip of rubber to ptotect the fiberglass and installed a pulley for the rudder cord.

Hidden Screw holes(one on each side) in middle of pedal mechanism drilled through hull but rudder pedal screws were not installed for both pedals. You are left with two hidden drilled holes into the hull from the cockpit.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I thought I was settling for less than my first choice when I bought this boat. I have to paddle an SOT (bad back)and this was the only company with one in Kevlar. What a surprise! It weighs only 44 lbs with hatch covers and seat; has handles mid-way on each side. It's perfectly balanced when lifted at this mid-point. It tracks well and seems to just glide over the water with little effort--it's fast! The hatches are water-tight, with both hard and neoprene covers. The initial stability is good, secondary is great. Mine has no rudder, yet the foot pedals are fully adjustable. Workmanship is excellent; and they must have improved the drain plug, 'cause it's easily removable. The only adjustment I made was to remove the seat/backband that comes with it & replace with a higher-back seat. Storage areas fore and aft are large. Best of all was the price. It was the same or less than some of the plastic sit-insides I've tried. I would definitely buy this boat again.
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Submitted by: JH
Rating: 9 of 10

     I traded my 2-yo CK4.4 for a 1-yo kevlar Revenge plus some $. The Revenge is far more superior than CK4.4 in heavy surf, however, Revenge cannot turn on a dime. Revenge is lighter and faster. Revenge has more storage space. With Revenge, I can now paddle into the ocean instead of staying within the harbor.
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Submitted by: DD
Rating: 6 of 10

     I purchased the kevlar version Jan '00. Seda used Catamarine to deliver the boat; it ended up going from San Diego to Florida, up the east coast, across the midwest, up Wisconsin through Minnesota, across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and finally down to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan where I live--with a hole punched in the bottom. I refused delivery, called Seda, and they told me they'd make the replacement extra durable. I said no, I wanted the boat they advertise. The replacement arrived a few weeks later, at 65 lbs; they advertise it at 39 lbs. I had no boat and needed one, so I accepted delivery which I now regret. Two friends had also ordered the same boat; they both came in well overweight, though not as heavy as mine. As of today, I see that Seda still has it listed as 39 lbs. on their web site--B.S.!

Performance: Compared to other sit-on-tops, performance is good, but I've paddled 7-8 traditional designs since, and the Seda Revenge is middle-of-the-road at best. It's initial stability is high, and it surfs well (with the rudder; the only time I use it), but between the bottom design and lack of rocker, it's slow to respond and has kind of a "mushy" feel to it. The bow design tends to push water as much as cut through it. Straight-line speed is OK, but it tops out quickly; slight weathercock. Hatches are good, and it stores an enourmous amount of gear for overnights.

Construction: Average. I've found a few minor problems, but nothing significant other than it is HEAVY!

Overall: Compared to other sit-on-tops, it's above average. Compared to traditional designs, average at best. The only reason I give it a 6 is that the cost is relatively cheap--got what I paid for, I guess.

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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 9 of 10

     Mine is kevlar with no rudder. No problems with workmanship here. Replaced the cockpit drain plug with a cork from a sherry bottle. The other was impossible to get out and replace in bad water. Stable and easy to hold a course if you know how to paddle without a rudder. Very comfortable. Best feature is no extra junk like paddle floats, spray skirts or pumps. Throw it in the water and go. Decent performance of a "real" sea kayak with the convenience of a sit-on-top.
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Submitted by: D.U.
Rating: 8 of 10

     Reasonably fast stable great carrying capacity, 39 lbs. in kevlar Great value, stays dry in most conditions.
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Submitted by: Bob
Rating: 5 of 10

     Reasonably fast, slight weatercock witout rudder, bulkheads leaked, workmanship poor, good value if latter two problems corrected.
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