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Reviews for Storm Kayak by Pelican International

Rated: 6.92/10 Based On: 12 Reviews

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Submitted by: DSSend Email
Rating: 2 of 10

     I bought the Pelican SE 100 Storm kayak from Costco for a very good price. It came with a car top carrier, paddle and skirt. I loved the fact that it has a large opening, as I usually bring a dog along with me. Well, tracking in this kayak is quite difficult. This kayak will turn on a dime just by shifting your weight. With very careful paddling, no wind or current etc, tracking is alright, but absolutely impossible with a dog in the boat, even on a perfect day. I called Pelican International and was told that they do not sell a skeg for this model. Unfortunately I will be returning it and purchasing a Dimension Escapade from Canadian Tire. Tried one of these before and it was extremely stable, tracked beautifully and comfortable, even with the mutt in it.
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Submitted by: RemingtongirlSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I just purchased the Pelican Storm 100 SE for a first kayak for myself. I found it's a GREAT Kayak for the price and it came with a paddle, spray-skirt and car carrier kit. I luv the I can carry it myself without help.
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Submitted by: WCGSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I had bought this kayak figuring it would make a nice starter kayak for my wife and then my daughters. It has exceeded my expectations. With the skeg in place I cannot get it to roll, I took it out prior to them and I rocked back and forth pretty hard and it would not go. By the way my 10 year old LOVES it !!! Great beginners kayak.
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Submitted by: JADSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I really donít understand the few negative reviews this boat has garnered. It is exactly what it claims to be, a fun recreational kayak. The strengths of this boat can be measured in its exceptional stability and maneuverability. No it isnít the fastest boat on the water, but it can turn on a dime even at full speed without feeling tippy.

As far as tracking goes I have found that with the skeg in place it tracks straight as an arrow. With the skeg out it is somewhat temperamental, but isnít anything an experienced kayaker canít handle and certainly nothing that canít be cleared up with a little attention to you technique (or an hours worth of instruction). I donít much care for the affixed skeg, but luckily you can replace it with a pull up skeg which is nice for shallow areas.

The price is unbeatable for what you get. I picked up two Storms for $250 a piece and that price included the spray skirt, paddle, and cushioned seat back, in other words everything you need to get started. The paddle is a bit short (about 215cm) for a boat of this width (Beam is 32 inches). I switched to a 230cm and performance has greatly improved. The boat is very durable and can take some abuse. All in all it is a great and affordable starter boat.

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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 5 of 10

     I had someone drill a hole in my skeg and used a plastic tie to keep it attached so if it fell off it would still be attached to the Kayak. I lost one in Norfork Lake after I pounded it in with a mallet. I ordered 2 extras from Pelican so I have them on hand just in case. So I recommend a leash for your skeg because once it come out you will know immediately. Hope this helps.
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Submitted by: hrSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I just bought my first kayak, a Pelican Storm. I love it, I need to make my own seat for back support and butt comfort. It handles great, tracks well, and I would highly recommend this product. No problems at all.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Nice kayak, but, indeed, the keel is not well-designed. I pushed it in as hard as I could (no mallet, though), and on my second use lost it in the water. (If you find the keel somewhere in Lake George, NY, please send it to me...). I wish this kayak had a pull-up keel that could be easily removed when out of the water. I also find that the area under one's rear end is a bit too high. I wonder if there's some optional padding for this. The kayak is easy to handle and carry.
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Submitted by: BBSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought two storms and the first time out the skeg fell off because it wasn't pushed in far enough. Without the skeg it was bad but when I attached the skeg completely and tried it again it was a different kayak. We have used the storm in ponds, lakes, slow rivers and large rivers (Conn. River in Mass) and found it tracks very well. Just make sure the skeg in im completely.
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Submitted by: LOKISend Email
Rating: 4 of 10

     Bought a Pelican Storm two weeks ago. Let someone borrow it to try and the keel fell off. Called Pelican and learned that it's a new design and I should have used rubber mallet to hammer it in. Would have been nice if the instructions had stated that - also if they had made their keels in a color bright enough to to see in the water as they float just under the surface or had a way to attach to stern as they know this is a problem.They will send replacement but it will take time and I have only 4 weeks left. Plan to return it....and get a Manatee from a store that has higher regard for customers.
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Submitted by: dskSend Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     I thought it tracked well enough, until ... the keel fell off! Without the keel, it's useless. The store gave me a replacement keel but now I'm worried. Did I just fail to snap the keep in completely or is this a known problem?
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Submitted by: MASSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     We purchased two pelican storm kayak's this spring (2004) and love them. Iread the previous report that said they did not track well.. Our new ones came with a snap in keel and they work great. I have paddled a canoe for the better part of 32 years, and have only been in a kayak twice before. I was amazed at how well these kayaks were to handle. I did try it with out the keel, and it was a pain. The kayak only draws about 5inches with the keel in. They are great fun and would recommend them for a recreational flat water toy.
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Submitted by: LHBSend Email
Rating: 1 of 10

     Doesn't track at all- not one bit. My son save his money (he's 12) to purchase- this boat looked good, affordable price. Lo and behold, it sucks- no enjoyment to it... Not sure what Pelican's thoughts are, but I read a lot about how none of their boats track very well.
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