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Reviews for Cape Lookout 135 Kayak by Wilderness Systems

Rated: 7.75/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Submitted by: SamSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     We bought this boat for my wife who is not an experienced paddler. With no rudder, the boat was the source of much frustration, lots of rocker combined with the chined hull make this boat hook left to right hard and almost uncontrollably at random intervals while paddling. I could not easily control the boat either and I am an experienced paddler, it was a fight the whole way. I mounted a rudder to it to see if that would help and it paddles like a totally different boat. Before the rudder I was afraid we were going to have to sell it, but with the rudder, I can see this boat being in our stable for years to come, glides well and is incredibly maneuverable. Handles the heavy chop of Moosehead Lake (ME), quite well and she can comfortably paddle this boat all day.
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Submitted by: jefSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Bought Cape Lookout 135 for $400.00 used. Took it out on the bay with a mild current. Maneuvering it was impossible. It kept going to the right or left,(depending on current), would not go straight. Hope I make out better in fresh water.
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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I've had my WS CL135 for about 3 months and have paddled about a dozen times in bayous, lakes and at the beach. The 135 is great for all. A bit on the short side, but that's balanced by manuverability. The bulkheads are great to have and stay dry and sealed. Not easy to access on the water, but there's enough room in the cockpit for those quickly needed items.

I don't have a rudder and probably won't get one with this model. I'll save that for my next kayak which will be a bit longer. Not to worry about speed though, b/c the 135 will stay even with any 16'.

I originally was looking at the dagger savannah and the perception carolina, but felt too cramped in the cockpits and low decking hurt the knees. This is definately not a problem with the CL.

It's easy to portage and incredibly stable on the water. Fishing will be much easier once I add a rod holder. The backrest is comfortable, but when reclined back, I found that the 3phase can't be raised completely. It may need some lumbar support, but overall a great seat. Watch out for bolt heads on interior of hatches since they will rip bags when being pulled out of the hatches!

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I just picked up my new Cape Lookout 135 from the dealer last week, and she and I are loving life! Lots of people I asked recommended larger boats, like the CL 145, which I tried, and I also tried some smaller boats, but, to quote from Goldilocks, the CL135 is just right. I paddled a comparable Perception Carolina--the 13'--and it was OK, but the cockpit felt a bit too confining. Then I found out about WS boats, and I find them to be more comfortable, and the plastic seems somewhat stiffer and lighter than Perception's (though this could be my imagination working overtime).

Tracking is at least as good as the Carolina's. Maneuverability is excellent--the CL 135 is great for the paddling I do in narrow, twisty rivers and bayous as well as protected bays and sounds. With a little more cockpit customization and honing of my own paddling/rolling skills, I'm looking forward to taking her out into more open water.

The WS Phase 3 seat in the Cape Lookout is infinitely adjustable for greater comfort, and the cockpit of the CL135 is a bit more roomy, without being TOO big, than the cockpit of the small Carolina. I don't feel too confined, yet I don't feel like I'm paddling in a bathtub either. Again, just right.

For the record, I'm 5'2" and not exactly at "fighting weight." I'm no bruiser either, but some women my height might prefer the tighter cockpit of the Carolina 13. But more padding can always be added, and, again, that Phase 3 seat can't be beat!

I could wish for a little more deck rigging than the CL has, but that's easily added. And it's nice to have both bow and stern bulkheads--I think the Carolina has both also, but a lot of kayaks in this size do not.

By the way, this rating of 8 is an honest 8--I took 2 points off for the less-than-adequate deck rigging. Other than that, I love my CL 135.

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