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Reviews for Nomad-LP Kayak by Heritage Kayaks

Rated: 9.33/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     Mines lightweight fiberglass. Great kayak - wish they'd build it in glass, again, but I'm not sure how many would rush out and buy it. Stable and FUN for spinning out in the waves, fast due to the "sponson" design, somewhat negatively effected by wind. GREAT hull...
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     Since my last review, I have purchased another Nomad-LP and have also installed the sail I had mentioned. My second Nomad is a red one, and I feel that the yellow polyethylene is more rigid compared to the red one. My red one also has a built-in (molded-in) skeg, which dramatically improves tracking. This skeg is what influenced me to install the sail on my red boat. These are two very fast boats, considering that they are sit-on-tops!

The Greenland Lines of these boats not only look great, they also perform excellent, instilling confidence in paddlers of any experience in any type of water conditions. However, the high bow and stern are susceptible to crosswinds.

Overall, these boats are fast, stable, and very capable of doing whatever you like to do with a kayak. Feel free to email me with any questions about these boats!

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Rating: 9 of 10

     This is my first kayak and I l ove it!! This is an older model, similar to the Sea Dart, but a little longer. I have been using canoes as long as I can remember, and this boat is a pleasant change! I bought the kayak from my neighbor, and started out paddling on the St. Johns river. After I had some practice in turning and balancing, I moved out onto Lake Monroe (mainly when it was choppy).

I had absolutely no problems in 2-3 ft swells, just make sure that you have an absorbent rag (artificial chamois) between the seating area and the rest of the cockpit to keep any water that enters (mainly from paddling) from reaching your rear end!

A supporting backrest doesn't hurt when it comes to comfort. My rear hatch seal is halfway torn out, so I do get leakage after wiping out a few times in larger (5-6') ocean waves. Heritage replaces these seals at no cost by the way. Besides for the small (8" front, 10" rear) hatches, limited easy-to-reach storage, and the metal foot-pad rail (which tends to cut my ankles when I surf/wipe-out), this kayak is excellent quality and design. I am not afraid to take this craft anywhere, and I will be buying another (same model) for my girlfriend! Since I am 6'3", I don't use the foot pads, so the rails are just in the way for me,,,,so I put 1.5' pieces of clear PVC (slit lengthwise) over them to protect my feet/ankles/legs!! I also just ordered a sail, and will post about it once it's installed and tested! Canoes started my madness, and this kayak is everything I imagined a solo craft to be! By the way, I have tried comparable SOTs, and even though there were m any positive points to them, they just didn't compare when it comes down to overall convenience and versatility!! I am always looking for paddling companions for the ocean, any larger lake, or just enjoying a slow moving river or creek!

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