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Reviews for Seaport Machine Rail-N-Rack

Rated: 7/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     Have had the rail N rack for 2 years, and carry 3 yaks on it with no problems. I must have an up dated version, because i have never had any rattling troubles. Some of the tie down straps do "sing" at higway speeds if you forget to put a twist in them(that happens with any strap that's "in the wind". The powder coat is just now starting to flake off where other stuff in the back of the truck rubbed against it. I give it a 9 because the latches are very hard to open to put the bars in the up position and lube/graphite didn't help. I would buy this rack again because: the ease of use, the low bed rail profile when folded down, dosen't take up any room in the bed, and very sturdy.
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     Owned a JEMB (Mirage) rack from '94-97 and due to it's poor engineering and performance was leary of purchasing another truck rack. I was swayed by the reviews given by customers with this rack and by the review in "Outside" magazine. I also wanted something stronger than a "Home-made" rack. The good points are that the rack easily goes into place and folds back together after use. It was not difficult to install, but required drilling holes in each side of truck bed. It is built with tie-downs front, back, and center, so plenty of tie-down options. I really don't worry about the rack bending or coming loose as I did with the JEMB. That said, it DOES rattle and shimmy a bit with boats on top, especially when one is my Mad River Revelation (77 lbs). It is rated to 500lbs, but I would NEVER feel comfortable with such a load on this rack. One of the "Faq's" on the Rail-N-Rack websites states that the rack "Does not rattle." That's horsepuckey! I get looks, due to the incessant rattling, when I pull into the parking lot at work, driving down our gravel road, etc, and this is with the rack folded down and not in use! Maybe if you live and drive all the time on nice, smooth pavement it wouldn't rattle; but who always drives on nice, smooth pavement? I will rate it a "5" as it DOES haul my canoes and kayaks (have had as much as one canoe and one kayak, and three kayaks at one time), albeit; with a protesting, continuous rattle. I WOULD NOT trust the 500 lb rating! I also would NOT purchase this rack again. It makes me wonder if there is ANY truck rack out there that lives up to it's billing! WW
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