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Reviews for Discovery 133K Canoe by Old Town Canoe

Rated: 7.91/10 Based On: 11 Reviews

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Submitted by: deezeeSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I recently purchased a 133k that has seen little use. The first thing I did was install the oar locks that were supplied with the canoe from the factory. Then I took it to the lake. The wind was out of the north at about 15 knots. Paddling was easy, the boat moved out smartly. Being only 13 feet, It wanted to respond to every input, correct or otherwise. Very responsive. I then switched over to 7 foot oars. This boat came alive. It responds very well rowing, easily outrunning my 9.5 foot rowing dhingy. With an eight hundred pound capacity, this canoe would actually make a good tender for a yacht. However, I will be constructing my own crossmember to place the oarlock about 10 inches or so outside the gunnels. This will make the rowing even easier.

In it's original setup, even gentle rowing results in a pleasing turn of speed. I would say that if one is solo in this canoe, rowing is the way to go. Switch to paddles when the waterway gets narrow. All in all, a very versatile boat!

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Submitted by: PeterSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Just bought one of these for $300... I was impressed with the dimensions of it...the seller told me it weighed 52 I paid him..when I went to load it on my truck it seemed heavier then the weight he told me.. When I got it home I researched it and found out it weighed in at 78 lbs.

Still, overall I love the canoe... I fish alone and it is a perfect stable canoe. The one I have does not have the middle rowing seat in? I had a Pack before and this Discovery exceeds it in stability and comfort... but the weight of the Pack is better... I will have to add more muscle with the Discovery to load it... but it is worth it.

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Submitted by: BOB N.Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Love it! forced to pawn it and now I'm going to pay through the nose to get it back, probably have no other choice can't seem to find another like it I can afford!
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Submitted by: GEOSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Boat is getting heavy to load as I age but it's big, wide and stable and I enjoy the rowing capability.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 7 of 10

     Old Town's 133 has treated me well. I bought the boat as a work horse for bowhunting and fishing. With a wife, two year old daughter, and three dogs this boat has seen a lot of water.

Last May I went paddling with six other boats up nine miles of back country in NY, chasing trout the whole time. It was a slow boat. I was last into camp by a couple of hours. But I was also the only solo boat out there. I had plenty of room for the five days worth of gear and my 100lb dog. What he lacks in paddling skills he made up for in bear prevention.

As far as the front table that clips on there is no way you can use it if there is a second person in the bow of the boat.

This boat is a little heavy at the end of the day to throw up on top of my truck. Thinking about switching to a kayak this year for all the solo trips. But when its time to load treestands, backpacks, survival gear and a 300+ pound black bear you know I will never trade this boat in.

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Submitted by: m j leafSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     I just traded my 133k with oars in on a loon 138T kayak as a boat I could use alone most the time but with my wife sometime. Nothing was really wrong with the 133k except that as a solo boat it as too heavy and awkward to get on and off my van by myself, and as as two person boat with one unpracticed paddler it was too hard too handle in a wind of 18 knots or more, which we have a lot of here in Texas. With the wooden center seat, there was no easy way to perform a one-man carry that would balance. With a web center seat, I might have been able to balance it on my head, for a short lift, but not for a carry. A lighter canoe with slightly flared sides and a lower profile might have worked.
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Submitted by: KenSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I've had my 133K for about 7 years now and I'm very happy with it. Of course I did buy it for it's stability and wide beam, perfect for hunting, hauling kids and a 65 lb dog around, and fly-fishing...I know, no standing allowed, but it's a heck of a lot easier to cast with a little space. Gets a little tiring paddling it for more than a little while but my trolling motor makes it move like a dream. I wouldn't take it on a long trip but it's great for short trips. I store it about 50 ft away from the Conodoguinet so the weight is not much of a factor, otherwise I would own (and will soon) a small, light canoe such as the Pack.
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Submitted by: sc
Rating: 7 of 10

     XL-13 was the boat of choice from late 80's to current series of hot new "under 13 feet" ww rec. boats. Very user friendly but relatively slow. Good for big person (over 220#). Excellent performer in big water and steep drops. Suitable for all classes of ww up to and including difficult V. Very good in tight, technical class III-IV. Hard to roll. Very economical but not particularly well built (thin royalex sheet typical of Mohawk) subject to end damage and break through if used hard (more than 200 days on creeks and bony class IV). Very comfortable with foam saddle or Mohahk ww system. Good choice for advanced beginner to intermediate. Not suggested for small persons.
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Submitted by: JKLSend Email
Rating: 4 of 10

     Fun and manuverable for river running, but quite wet. Nearly impossible to roll.
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Submitted by: KCK
Rating: 8 of 10

     I have used mine for two seasons in high Sierra Nevada lakes like Convict and Twin Lakes. Heavy, short, wide, and slow, but the only canoe I have seen that is set up for rowing, which is what I prefer. Good tough,stable, fishing boat. I can get it up on the truck by myself, but getting harder for an old man like me.
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